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Our professional services include:

 • Peak Performance Management Consulting and Coaching
 • Leadership Development Consulting and Training

 • Self-Improvement, Inspirational and Scholastic Print & Digital Media 

 • Motivational Speeches and Expertise-Based Lectures.

 offers the full range of professional editorial, publishing and marketing services that authors expect from a trade publisher. With high-quality book production standards, global distribution capability, reliable author royalty management system and personalized marketing support, RICHER Press and its scholastic imprint,RICHER Publications, have earned the trust of its unique team of authors and their readers. 

Richer Life Associates are Peak Performance Management and Leadership Development Specialists. This experienced and passionate team of professionals offer confidential & uniquely individualized services in the form of professional consulting, one-on-one or group coaching and workshop facilitation. The RLA Speaker's Bureau offers inspiring public speakers for most occasions.

On behalf of my partners, our staff, our associates and our published author team, I would like to welcome you to our company website. If this is your first time visiting, we hope that you will return often and make this a frequent stop on your journey to living an even "richer life."... Read More

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How to Connect in a
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Second Edition
Nancy R. Harris. Ph.D.

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Solace and Comfort for the Broken Hearted
Charlotte D. Grant-Cobb, PhD
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Did You Ever See A Moonbeam
Laura Hamlin

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     The Leadership Advantage
              Ervin (Earl) Cobb
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The Great Questions of
Life and Death

Ann Anovitz
Richer Life, LLC CEO and Managing Partner Discusses the Company and His New Book on Talk Radio

April 15, 2015  - In a recorded interview on Significant Business Results Radio, Richer Life, LLC CEO and Managing Partner, Earl Cobb discussed how the company is organized and how the three divisions, Digital Media, Trade Book Publishing & Professional Services, work together to support the company's vision of "shaping thoughts and changing lives for the better." Earl also shared some revealing thoughts with the Radio Show Host, Franne McNeal on his new book titled, The Leadership Advantage. The book will be his second book on leadership and is scheduled to be released later this month. You can listen to the entire 28 minute interview by "clicking" on the video below.

                  RICHER Press Author Team Participates in the 2015 Tucson Festival of Books

Members of the RICHER Press Author participated in the 2015 Tucson Festival of Books on March 14-15, 2015. The annual Tucson Festival of Books is the 4th largest literary event in the country and attracts more than 400 Exhibitors and Presenters along with over 130,000 visitors.  

The Tucson Festival of Books is a 501(c)3 organization supporting literacy programs throughout Southern Arizona. The annual event is a community-wide celebration of literature. Offered free-of-charge, the Festival exists to improve literacy rates among children and adults. All proceeds from the Festival support local literacy programs.

View the Picture Video Above and Click Here to visit a Photograph Gallery of the RICHER Press Author Team's support of the 4th largest literary event in the United States.

RICHER Press Announces the Creation of the Independent Book Distribution Cooperative to Expand Book Sales and Readership

When we launched RICHER Press in 2008, we established an eight-word mission statement,
"Shaping Thoughts and Changing Lives for the Better." Since then, we have strategically grown both our publishing portfolio of select titles and the number of passionate and talented authors with whom we partner and collaborate. In 2014, we launched the LIVING A RICHER LIFE~Life Change Talk Radio Show to give worthy authors the opportunity to participate in "live", nationally broadcast-ed Interviews and share their book and messages with thousands of potential readers.

With a strong core of RICHER Press titles and strategic relationships with scores of authors with competitive titles across many genres, we are now in a strong position to lead a unique and collaborative effort to get more of these quality books in the hands of more readers.

However, regardless of how well-written or the size of the potential market, we all know that "books do not sell themselves." Strategically positioning the "right book" into the "right market" coupled with aggressive sales and marketing are the keys to expanding book sales and readership.

To this end, RICHER Press has established partnerships with two of the country’s oldest wholesale, independent book distributors, Consortium and Small Press Distribution and has created a new collaborative effort called the Independent Book Distribution Collaborative or the IBDC.

IBDC will publish an annual catalog of selected book titles that will be the focus of RICHER Press' negotiations and collaborations with Consortium and Small Press Distribution. The titles listed in the catalog will be managed, end-to-end, by RICHER Press. This includes cooperative partner relations, distribution fees, book promotion, marketing, book acquisition, logistics, shipping, book sales and author royalty co-ordination. All catalog listings are limited to published authors who own the distribution rights of their work.

Books distributed, marketed, promoted and sold through the Independent Book Distribution Collaborative ARE NOT limited to titles published by RICHER Press.

We invite all authors who own the distribution rights to their work to consider the opportunity of becoming an IBDC member and listing their books in the 2015 Independent Book Distribution Collaborative
. You can learn how to become a member of the collaborative
 by clicking HERE

We are currently accepting qualified listings for the 2015 IBDC Catalog through April 30, 2015.
Arizona Book Publisher Announces New Animal Adventures Imprint

New Imprint and First Book to be Revealed at the 2015 Tucson Festival of Books on March 14-15, 2015

Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix-based professional services, media production and publishing firm, Richer Life, LLC announces today a new publishing Imprint named Animal Adventures™. This will be the third addition to the portfolio of trade names utilized by the company’s trade book publishing arm, RICHER Press.

The first book to be published and globally distributed under Richer Life, LLC’s new Animal Adventures™ Imprint will be
BOOTS: Hurricane Katrina Survivor and Kitten Nanny. The author, Susan Juergensen, and “Boots” will be present at the 2015 Tucson Festival of Books at the University of Arizona on Sunday, March 15th when the new Printing Imprint and Book Series will be revealed to the general public. Susan will be signing Pre-Release copies of her new book at the RICHER Press Author Team Booth (#142) starting at 3:30 PM on Sunday.

In the book, the author shares how “Boots” recalls his own rescue and adoption story. The book will be available at, Barnes and and anywhere quality books are sold on March 16, 2015.

You can order Pre-Release copies of the book today by going here.

Click below for a  “Pre-Release Review” of BOOTS: Hurricane Katrina Survivor and Kitten Nanny.
Tucson Arizona Author Releases Second Book of Her Grandma Annie's Stories From the Garden Children's Book Series

Ann Anovitz
, lives in Tucson, Arizona. Ann is a Docent at Tohono Chul Park where she makes up her stories about the people, animals and plants of the Sonoran Desert to tell to children and grown-ups who visit the park. She publishes her children stories as a part of her Grandma Annie’s Stories From The Garden™ series. This special series is comprised of a unique collection of colorful bilingual books for young children.

Her second book in the series is titled, "Wigga Poo's Soccer Team."  Ann's first book was released in August 2014 and is titled, "Cowboy Jose and Pinteroo". All of her books can be found wherever books are sold.

Wigga Poo's Soccer Team 
is a beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated children’s book. It is an educational reading experience for both English and Spanish speaking children. In an adventurous and fun-filled fashion, the book helps to teach one important lesson --- by working together as a team we can accomplish more.The book includes both a fully illustrated English and Spanish version under the same cover. With a simple 180 degree flip, the child can move from one version of the story to the other. This presents a unique and fun learning experience in multiple dimensions. The book is written for young boys and girls from age 5 through 9.

Wigga Poo's Soccer Team will be globally released on February 14, 2015. You can pre-order a copy today HERE by going to the books section of this website.

Denver-Based Psychotherapist Joins RICHER Press Author Team and Publishes the Second Edition of Her Book on How to Connect in a Disconnected World

Dr. Nancy R. Harris is a Holistic Psychotherapist and gifted intuitive specializing in Energy Therapy. Based on over a decade of research and development, Nancy has created an exceptionally successful process for life-change that she calls  Effective Life Force Integration. In "
Take Two Cookies: How to Connect in a Disconnected World," Dr. Harris shares with you the story of one woman's personal transformation and her unique discovery that love is like chocolate chip cookies. Love has a repeatable recipe. Unfortunately this woman, like most of us , leaves home without having learned all the ingredients or knowing how to create loving connections. This short yet powerful storybook takes you on the woman's journey as she discovers each ingredient and creates a unique  recipe for loving. Through her experiences, you will learn the secret to connecting in a disconnected world. According to Dr. Harris, "LOVE is like chocolate chip cookies. It is made of many different ingredients. The key to making great cookies (or love) is KNOWING THE  COMPLETE RECIPE."

Learn More About Dr. Harris and her work
        Over 100 Podcast Listens in First 3 Months

LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio Launches
New Compact Disc Offering to Authors 

Sharing Your Passion and Personality Pays

January 19, 2015 - Phoenix, Arizona: Richer Life, LLC announced today the launch of a new author support initiative. Its publishing arm, RICHER Press, will offer published authors, who are selected as Interview Guest on the Life Changing Talk Radio Show and have over a hundred Podcast listens, copies of their episodes in CD format.
According to Earl Cobb, Richer Life, LLC CEO and Managing Partner, "Most of the published authors who join Life Changing Talk Radio as Interview Guests are both authors and entrepreneurs. While all of the "live" episodes are available to the public via Podcast on the LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio broadcast page, having the opportunity to economically acquire their episode in the CD format allows authors to more broadly leverage the recorded, nationally-broadcasted interviews. Many authors use CD’s to promote and increase sales and as a marketing companion to their books. The practice of using "live" interviews as a part of marketing collateral has been proven to enhance visibility to potential readers, literary agents and event planners. We know that sharing your passion and personality pays."
Cobb added, "We are pleased to announce that in 2014, almost half of the LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Radio Talk episodes fall into the category of the “Best of Life Changing Talk Radio" with over a hundred Podcast listens in first 3 months...with some approaching thousands of listens."

 Learn more about Life Changing Talk Radio.

2015 Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind Series on Live Changing Talk Radio
February 5, 2015 - February 26, 2015

During the month of February LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio will broadcast a four part series titled "Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind.” The series is will be co-hosted by Franne McNeal, CEO and Executive Coach of Significant Business Results Coach, LLC and author of "Significant! From Frustrated to Franne-Tastic". Franne will be joined by the Life Changing Talk Radio Hosts, Earl Cobb and Dr. Charlotte D. Grant-Cobb. The goal of the 2015 Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind Series is to provide our listening audience with insights and inspiration that will help them improve their business… or… their social entrepreneurial endeavors…or even perhaps… inspire them to go down this route if they haven’t already begun such a journey. We will not just…cover the basics…but instead…share some candid and sometimes overlooked insights that many entrepreneurs must learn the hard way.  Read More...


New Book By RICHER Press Author is Written to Offer Solace and Comfort to the Broken Hearted

You can feel the passion in her voice when Dr. Charlotte Grant-Cobb ask the following questions: "What do you say to someone who has lost a loved one? How do you tell a dear friend how deeply sorry you are for their loss? How can you bring hope to the person that feels guilty because they lived and their loved one died?"

In a recent interview, she stated, "By personally sharing a copy of transition, you will offer encouragement to a friend or loved one. With this gift you acknowledge that there may be some days that they will feel great and energized, and on other days, they can't stop crying. This book is a way for you to help them honor the gifts of their loved ones.Those gifts remain in the memories they shared, and in the plans they made. Hopefully there will be a word or phrase that will support them during their season of transition."

Charlotte D. Grant-Cobb, PhD uses her gifts to develop affirmations for those who desire to create new habits, new pathways. . . new experiences.

SPECIAL - For a limited time, you can get this special book for only $4.99 each with FREE shipping and a custom mailing envelope by ordering five (5) copies from this website. This way you will have copies on hand to send to friends or loved ones when there is a need.

Just click  "Books" on the main navigation bar and place you order online.

Tucson Arizona Author Releases Long Awaited Short Novel Full of Adventure, Intrigue and Romantic Insight on Worldly Religious Beliefs and Practices

Ann Anovitz’s Long Awaited Novel Does Not Disappoint 

Phoenix-based, RICHER Press announced today the release of a new short-novel by Chicago Commercial Real Estate executive and Tucson, Arizona resident Ann Anovitz.

According to Earl Cobb, RICHER Press co-publisher,
“We do not normally work with authors who write novels or general fiction. However, after reading Ann Anovitz’s manuscript, we were pleasantly surprised with the tugging storyline, the enjoyable characters and the insightfulness of the entire work. We are honored that Ann selected us to team with her on this and the other literary projects she is currently engaged in. I truly believe that everyone who reads “Charlie Tale” will share our views and will not be disappointed.”

Here is a little about Ann and her new book. 

Charlie's Tale: The Great Questions of Life and Death is more than a wonderfully written short novel. It is a mystery of adventure & learning…skillfully wrapped around an intriguing dialogue on worldly religious beliefs and practices. Charlie's Tale is Ann Anovitz's thinking about the great questions of life and death. Where did we come from? Who or what made us? Are we, over a great time, becoming more civilized? Will we ever lose or overcome our primordial, Neanderthal instincts? What is God teaching us and what kind of future does he have in store for us? 

Anovitz and a friend studied the Old Testament for over six years and their deep and prolonged discussions give rise to the thoughts delightfully presented in this distinctive and shrewd adventure. Ann Anovitz lives in Tucson, Arizona. She is a long-time Commercial Real Estate executive, avid community volunteer and a skillful writer. 

In addition to
Charlie's Tale, Ann is the author of the Grandma Annie's Stories from the Garden Children's Book Series. The innovative series is designed to be a unique educational reading experience for both English and Spanish speaking children. With a simple 180 degree flip, the child can move from one version of the story to the other. The first title of the series, Cowboy Jose and Pinteroo was released in August 2014. The second book titled, Wigga Poo's Soccer Team, is scheduled to be released in January 2015.

Phoenix-based Non-Profit holds another Successful Harvest Book Reading Event 

The Third Annual Harvest Book Reading and its Harvest Book Competition Recognized the Best in Books in Five Categories by Authors from Across the United States.

The Annual Harvest Book Reading Program is a "virtual only" event sponsored by Phoenix-based MANASPIRITS, a community service non-profit organization. The event is nationally broadcasted from
The Harvest Book Reading’s sole purpose is to showcase the most worthy published authors and their literary work along with helping to provide meals during the holiday season to families in our communities who are in need. 
Each year winners of the nationally contested Harvest Book Competition are announced during the 1-hour "live" broadcast. The members of the listening audience are entertained with a short "book reading" by each winner and have the opportunity to call-in to the show and speak with the authors as well as win a copy of the winning books.

On November 8, 2014, the Third Annual Harvest Book Reading recognized the work of sixteen Finalists as well as nine Guest Authors. This year's charitable event made a cash donation to the St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance which will help serve over 5,000 meals to families that are in need during the upcoming holiday season.

You can listen to a Free Podcast of the entire broadcast by clicking  HERE

Details and contact information on all of the 2014 Finalist, Category Winners and Guest Authors can be found in the 2014 Harvest Book Reading Showcase Magazine. An e-Zine version as well as a Showcase Video can be reviewed online at

2014 Harvest Book Competition Winning Authors
  RICHER Press Makes Debut Media Presence at AARP Life@50+ National Event & Expo in San Diego
                           Publisher Showcase Its New Educational and Bilingual Children's Books

RICHER Press Co-publisher, Dr. Charlotte Grant-Cobb, attended the Saturday discussions in the main Exhibit Hall.

AARP Life@50+ National Event & Expo attendees were excited about RICHER Press and its new Children’s books. They participated in “live” focus group discussions which highlighted their level of involvement in their grandchildren’s educational development.

RICHER Press, the leading publishing Imprint of Richer Life, LLC, made its debut appearance as a media partner at the AARP Life@50+ National Event & Expo held September 4-6, 2014 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Life@50+ offers those over the age of fifty opportunities to learn, engage and interact with others who share the same interests and passions.  Attendees get up close and personal with celebrities and today’s most interesting thinkers and experts. They also experience all that AARP has to offer and discover their real possibilities through four event tracks: Health & Wellness, Money & Work, Technology & Innovation and Travel & Lifestyle. 

According to the AARP, "Today’s 50-plus Americans are living longer, healthier lives and, at the same time, are navigating economic, health, social and technological realities unlike any generation before them. We’ll help equip attendees to lead the type of life they imagine and prompt them to consider the most important questions they face."

According to Earl Cobb, Richer Life, LLC CEO, events like the AARP  Life@50+ are consistent with our firm's mission and goals. We showcased our new educational and bilingual Children's books this year to gain valuable insights from many of the thousands of grandparents who attended the expo and to display the uniqueness and quality of the books written and illustrated by the RICHER Press Author Team. 

RICHER Press Author Karen Gilroy Wins First Evvy Award

Denver, Colorado - RICHER Press bestselling author, Karen Gilroy won a Merit Award for her new book  "Nourishing the Healer Within" at the 2014 Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)  Annual EVVY Awards.

"Nourishing the Healer Within" helps  readers develop self-empowerment. This inspiring, motivational and informative book is for those who want to take back their health and happiness.  "Nourishing the Healer Within"  serves as a guide to help everyone reclaim mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Karen has a Master’s of Science Degree in Holistic Health from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, Birmingham, AL. as well as a Masters in Natural Health and Nutrition from the Fit For Life Sciences Institute of the College of Natural (Hygiene) Health, Winnipeg Canada.

CIPA is one of the nation's oldest Independent Publishers Association. The nonprofit association was founded in 1992 by Evelyn Kaye, after whom the Evvy award is named and is supported by book publishers, authors, future authors and related publishing service providers....Learn more about Karen and her work

Dr. Dawn Obrecht Wins Second Evvy Award

Denver, Colorado - Dawn V. Obrecht,M.D., the Eric Hoffer Award winning author of "From the Edge of the Cliff: Understanding the Two Phases of Recovery And Becoming the Person You’re Meant To Be", added another EVVY Award in the Spiritual and Religious category to the list of recognitions for her new  book, "Who's Your Higher Power? Finding a God of Your Own Understanding". The Annual EVVY Awards is sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA). CIPA is one of the nation's oldest Independent Publishers Association. The nonprofit association was founded in 1992 by Evelyn Kaye, after whom the Evvy award is named and is supported by book publishers, authors, future authors and related publishing service providers.... Learn more about DocDawn 

RICHER Press Author Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks Launches New Talk Show Set in the Caribbean Islands

They say the best conversations happen in the kitchen. Set in the Caribbean Islands, this new talk show with a dash of cooking is a hybrid of the best of both worlds. Conversations In The Kitchen takes us into the homes and lives of some of the biggest movers and shakers in the Caribbean!

Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks will sit down with everyone from high ranking government officials, to stars in sports and music.  Not only does he do an in-depth interview with them but they will prepare a healthy and conversation meal for our host.

Conversations In The Kitchen is about exposing the people behind the faces we see on television.  We love and admire their work but many may not know who they really are as a person. We will hear about their passions, dreams, hopes, fears and loves. This is an intimate conversation along with a great meal that may take them back to their youth or a time when they may not have been so well off.  You will get to know the person like you never imagined while also learning how to make one of their favorite meals.

This half hour show will capture people from all around the world because of its island flair.  We visit the islands of Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and many surrounding countries. Hosted by best-selling author, world diabetes advocate, celebrity chef and nephew of the late reggae legend Bob Marley, this show will captivate and inspire many who love the islands and their favorites in the world of sports, politics, entertainment and travel.

The Talk Show website can be found at

 For more info on Charles and his work visit his site 
Leveraging Intersectionality: Seeing and Not Seeing 
Transforms the Way We Think About Diversity and Leadership

Phoenix, AZ: RICHER Press announced today the August release of a new book by Dr. Fay Cobb Payton which many say has the potential to transform the way we all think about diversity and leadership.

In her new book,
Leveraging Intersectionality: Seeing and Not Seeing, Dr. Fay Cobb Payton offers a unique and careful examination of who is engaged in digital and social inclusion, who is not and why everyone should be. 

The Foreword for Leveraging Intersectionality: Seeing and Not Seeing is written by Johnnella E. Butler, Ed.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Spelman College.

Dr. Fay, as she is affectionately called, is currently an Associate Professor of Information Systems at North Carolina State University. However, her academic, corporate and community accomplishments, experiences and advocacy have touched individuals and organizations globally over the past twenty years. In support of her passionate advocacy for the digital and social inclusion of all Americans in both academia and corporate settings, Dr. Cobb Payton has armed herself with a strong academic background, tours within some of the country’s top corporations and years of collaborative writing and lectures.

The messages and challenges contained in her engaging and creatively structured book represent over twenty-five years of personal and professional collaboration and observations in both corporate and academic settings. 

Dr. Fay zealously believes that having respected leadership teams that represent a broad and strategic "intersection" of the world’s population is critical to navigating the increasing diversity and global integration of the 21st century workforce.  In Leveraging Intersectionality...Read More
Arizona Author and Illustrator Team to Create Bilingual Fun for Young English and Spanish Learners
New Children's Book Scheduled for August 18, 2014 Release

Phoenix, AZ: RICHER Press announced today the August release of a new children's book by two gifted Arizonans. The new book titled Cowboy José and Pinteroo includes both a fully illustrated English and Spanish version under the same cover. With a simple 180 degree flip, the child can move from one version of the story to the other. This presents a unique and fun learning experience in multiple dimensions. The book is written for young boys and girls from age 5 through 9.

The author, Ann Anovitz, lives in Tucson, Arizona. Ann is a Docent at Tohono Chul Park where she makes up her stories about the people, animals and plants of the Sonoran Desert to tell to children and grown-ups who visit the park. She publishes her children stories as a part of her Grandma Annie’s Stories From The Garden™ series. This special series is comprised of a unique collection of colorful bilingual books for young children.

The illustrator, Dave Grimm, lives in Gilbert, Arizona. Dave’s nationally recognized work includes the Mommy, Tell me a Story™ children’s book series and a new children’s book co-authored by his wife, Kristi Grimm, and Celebrity Chef and Global Diabetes Advocate, Charles Mattocks, titled Diabetes and Healthy Eating.

They both knew that they had a lot in common. However, the combination of Ann Anovitz's crafting of words and Dave Grimms dramatic skills with color pencils has resulted in a beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated new children's book.

The story of Cowboy José and Pinteroo’s pairing and rodeo adventure is geographically grounded in the Sonoran Desert of North American. This visually magnificent area spans large parts of the Southwestern United States in Arizona and California, and of Northwestern Mexico in Sonora, Baja California and Baja California Sur. The vibrant colored pencil illustrations distinctively bring to life each exciting scene.

This unique and colorful book is designed to allow young children to use their imagination and enjoy the places that reading can take them. The book includes a “Spy Me” page as well as coloring pages to engage both the child and the parent in fun-filled learning activities.

Cowboy José and Pinteroo
was released on August 18, 2014 in both a full color paperback and a table-top, keepsake hardcover version.

                                                              Click Here to Download a Printable Book Overview
Western Writing: The Literature of America’s Soul
AUGUST 7, 2014 - AUGUST 28, 2014
Throughout the month of August 2014, Life Changing Talk Radio teamed with the Western Writers of America, Inc. (WWA) to produce and broadcast four very special episodes. Each episode will include interviews with members of the WWA. Two authors each week addressed interesting and enlightening aspects of contemporary Western literature. Click photo to download a Show Poster with names and topics. Learn more...
Pillow Talk Consciousness: Intimate Reflections on America's 100 Most Interesting Thoughts and Suspicions Ignites Discussion and Applause

Self-Help and Education writers, Ervin (Earl) Cobb and Dr.Charlotte Grant-Cobb recently announced plans to kick-off  a second book tour which will feature an updated version of their highly acclaimed book, Pillow Talk Consciousness.

PILLOW TALK CONSCIOUSNESS: INTIMATE REFLECTIONS ON AMERICA'S 100 MOST INTERESTING THOUGHTS AND SUSPICIONS is a unique essay on America, its social & political challenges and the power of human consciousness.

This book cleverly illustrates how our birthplace and the level of consciousness we obtain during our lives, eventually frame how we see ourselves, how we see others and how we see our world.

It does this through a thoughtful collection of 100 entertaining, informative and provocative dialogues. Each dialogue is written to reflect commonly held thoughts and suspicions on topics that frame the lives and the conversations of average Americans in the 21st century. All are written with a candor that is expressed by the majority of Americans only in the safety and privacy of their own home, with a trusted partner and wrapped in a momentarily abnormal level of human consciousness.

The topics range from education to family values; from war to politics and from music to motherhood

Learn More...
Richer Life, LLC Announces New Collaboration with the West Valley Writers Workshop of Phoenix, Arizona

Richer Life, LLC and its leading book publishing imprint, RICHER Press produces the nationally broadcasted weekly talk show, LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio on the global Blog Talk Radio network.

According to Richer Life, the first talk radio series developed with the West Valley Writers Workshop aired on Thursday, May 1st and Thursday, May 8th. 
The theme for this series was titled “Talking Science Fiction - Its Popularity and Its Social Value.” Science Fiction novelists Jenene Scott, Christopher Wilke, Heather Squires and Vincent Alascia will appeared as Interview Guests during this special Life Changing Talk Radio series. The show was designed to allow Life Changing Talk Radio listeners to learn more about the Science Fiction genre and its popularity as well as to enjoy the insightful dialogue of some passionate and creative authors.

You can listen to all of the edpisodes via Podcast by visiting
RICHER Press Author Charles Mattocks Teams with the American Diabetes Association on New Budget-Friendly Fresh and Local Diabetes Cookbook

Local food traditions can blossom into regional cuisines and offer tastes and memories that last a lifetime. With some smart selections, these cuisines, made with fresh, local ingredients, can also improve your health and the health of your family. What most people don't know? Foods from your local market are an incredible bargain. Chef Charles Mattocks combines his flair for using fresh, locally grown foods with his engaging presentation to offer a budget-friendly taste of what your local farmer's market can bring to your table. Diagnosed recently with type 2 diabetes, Chef Mattocks offers tips on creating and maintaining the perfect pantry, finding fresh foods, and, most important of all, preparing and serving meals that won't break the bank. The Budget-Friendly Fresh and Local Diabetes Cookbook is the perfect collection for those who want to improve their health, take advantage of local and sustainable foods, and save money at the same time.

Chef Charles Mattocks
, a native of Jamaica and nephew of the late Bob Marley, has appeared regularly on nationwide television programs such as the Dr. Oz Show and Good Morning America. His work has also appeared in numerous magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Martha Stewart Living. He is also the  author of "Eat Cheap, but Eat Well" and "Diabetes and Healthy Eating." He lives in Tampa, FL.

New Book by Massachusetts Dentist Uniquely Shares her Struggles and Success in Lifelong Battle with Obesity 

In a new book recently released by RICHER Press, Dr. Susan R. Cushing writes very honestly about her childhood and diet history for the purpose to offer others choices and solutions they may not know are possible or even exist.

She shares with others her entire weight loss process and how they can achieve her success. She has also gives her readers a very intimate and detailed look into her personal life from her days as a youth to her recent cosmetic surgery and post operative experiences. 

Dr. Cushing graduated Cum Laude from Boston College and went on to earn her DMD degree from Tufts University Dental School in Boston, Mass. She had her 1st dental practice in Boise, Idaho where she met and ultimately married her husband Curt and then opened her 2nd dental practice in Pocasset, Massachusetts.

In "Fat No More! The Book of Hope for Losing Weight," Dr. Cushing divulges much about her trials and tribulations and all she has undergone to finally reach her weight loss goal and maintenance status. She willingly shares...Read More
Dr. Fay Cobb Payton Joins the RICHER Press Author Team 

Richer Life, LLC recently announced the signing of an agreement with Dr. Fay Cobb Payton to publish and promote, under its RICHER Press imprint, her forthcoming book titled, "Leveraging Intersectionality: A Professor's View on Digital and Social Inclusion."  

Dr. Fay, as she is affectionately called, is a distinguished and well-published corporate and academic trailblazer. She is not related to the Richer Life, LLC CEO, Earl Cobb.

"Leveraging Intersectionality" is a collection of Dr. Payton's most admired papers and articles united with a new, stirring and provocative prologue. Her goal is to broaden the discussion, beyond academia, on the significance of "intersectionality" and the power of leveraging talents of all persuasions to achieve a higher level of digital and social inclusion. "Intersectionality" is the name that is now given to the complex of reciprocal attachments and sometimes polarizing conflicts that confront both individuals and movements as they seek to "navigate" among the raced, gendered, and class-based dimensions of social and political life.

Dr. Payton earned a Ph.D. in Information & Decision Systems (with a specialty in Health Care Systems Management) from Case Western Reserve University and a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She also holds a BS in Accounting and a MBA in Decision Sciences from Clark Atlanta University. She most recently was an Associate Professor of Information Technology at North Carolina State University and the Director of the Information Technology Senior Management Forum's Management Academy. She is the Founder and Director of the

Her new book is expected to be released in the summer of 2014. A national book tour is being planned for later in the year.

Richer Life, LLC Publishing Team Launches New Weekly Talk Radio Show to Give Published Authors a Public and Social Media Platform to Share their Messages and Gain a Broader Audience 

Earl Cobb and Dr.Charlotte Grant-Cobb are the co-publishers of the growing trade book Imprint RICHER Press. The couple has helped to launch dozens of intellectually-minded self-help, educational and faith-based authors. They are also the authors and/or co-authors of six published books which encourage positive growth, personal change and professional development. They recently announced the launch of the LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio. Learn more


Debbie Zoub Hopes that Her Book will Become a Welcomed Guide to Those Still Living in Abuse as well as a Source for Clinical Professions Seeking Fresh Insights into How to Help Clients Move Beyond Psychological and Verbal Abuse.

Debbie Zoub, MSW has spent much of her life searching for answers. She has spent many years writing a unique, entertaining and educational manuscript detailing some troublesome aspects of her life. More importantly, she has creatively documented the process by which she has successfully managed to free herself from a life of psychological and verbal abuse. Debbie is now hopeful that...Read More

Celebrated Poet and Spoken Word Personality Publishes First Book With the Goal of Strengthening the Resolve of All Women

I Choose to Live is written for all women going through circumstances in life, which are causing them to feel alone and hopeless. It is intended to give hope to the hopeless and a new outlook on life to those who still struggle with... READ MORE
Tiny Stallings-Clark
In "I Choose To Live" , Tiny uses 31 Poems and Narratives along with 27 Stunning Photographs to share her compelling message. The Full Color 8" x 10" Coffee Table Hardcover Book has 88 pages (ISBN-13 978-0-9855699-1-4).  "I Choose To Live" is available wherever books are sold...LEARN MORE
RICHER Press Co-Publishers Enjoy Lunch With
Steamboat Springs Writers and Published Authors 

VAIL, COLORADO - Earl Cobb and Charlotte Grant-Cobb, RICHER Press Co-Publishers recently enjoyed lunch with Steamboat Springs writers and published authors at the Sweet Basil Restaurant in the resort town of Vail, CO. Over the past couple of years, four Steamboat Springs area authors have joined the RICHER Press author team. To date, RICHER Press has published four titles written by Steamboat Springs residents over the past few years. Steamboat Springs has long been known for its western heritage and ranching traditions and thrives as a world-class skiing, biking, and year-round recreational destination. It is becoming known for its active group of passionate writers and published authors.

Kristi Grimm
Member of RICHER Press Author Team Wins
Harvest Book Reading Book Competition

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - The Harvest Book Reading has selected three Arizona-based authors as winners of the Harvest Book Reading Featured Book Competition. The  three authors and their works will be featured during this year's Harvest Book Reading Program.  The charitable event is sponsored annually by ManaSpirits, a Phoenix-area 501 (c) (3) non-profit, and will be held at the South Mountain Community College Library on Saturday, November 9th. 

RICHER Press author, Kristi Grimm and her book, "Mommy, Tell Me a Story about a Fish was selected a one of the three winners. She will be featured in the formal Reading Program during the event. Kristi and her husband, Dave, work as a team. Kristi writes and Dave illustrates all of their books within their "Mommy, Tell Me a Story" Children's Book Series. Learn more about the Grimms

Mommy, Tell Me a Story About a Fish
 Published in October 2013
 by RICHER Press

Bio and Videos

Charles Mattocks Celebrity Chef & Worldwide Diabetes Advocate Joins RICHER Press Author Team with New Children's Book to Help Fight Diabetes.

Phoenix, Arizona -  RICHER Press released the new book written by Charles Mattocks, the celebrity chef, best selling author and Emmy nominated actor and Kristi Grimm, the author of the popular "Mommy, Tell Me a Story" Children's book series. The book's release and global distribution will coincide with many summer and fall community health & wellness activities leading up to the World Diabetes Day on November 14th. The release also supports the launch of Mr. Mattocks' National Diabetes Testing Tour. CNN will accompany and record Charles' humanitarian pursuit to test one million Americans for diabetes....Read More
RICHER Press Author Team, Dave & Kristi Grimm Discuss New Book Co-Authored with the Celebrity Chef, Charles Mattocks on Live CBS TV Broadcast
Learn and see more

Diabetes and Healthy Eating
Charles Mattocks and Kristi Grimm
Now Available Wherever Books are Sold

Dr. Dawn Obrecht Wins Evvy Award

Denver, Colorado - Dawn V. Obrecht,M.D., the Eric Hoffer Award winning author of "From the Edge of the Cliff: Understanding the Two Phases of Recovery And Becoming the Person You’re Meant To Be", added the Evvy Award for Health to the list of recognitions for her best selling book. Dr. Obrecht and her husband, Erik, were present during the 18th Annual Evvy Award Ceremony held in Denver, Colorado. The Annual Evvy Awards is sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA). CIPA is one of the nation's oldest Independent Publishers Association. The nonprofit association was founded in 1992 by Evelyn Kaye, after whom the Evvy award is named and is supported by book publishers, authors, future authors and related publishing service providers.... Read More


As I started the process of publishing my book, I investigated and talked to many publishing companies. This journey felt impersonal and dry. From the moment I first spoke to Earl, Richer Press, I knew I had found the person I wanted to publish my book with; I had found my book family. He understood why I wrote my book, along with understanding my vision.  He was able to guide me through the editing and publishing process with compassion, insight, skill, vision and professional advice. He explained each step of the process in an engaging manner, worked diligently with me through each step and helped me give birth to my book. HE CARED. I look forward to the next phase of marketing and know I have a strong, professional Richer Press team in my corner. Every step of my experience with Earl, the Richer Press team and his wife Charlotte has been magical.

Debbie Z.

“Well, I said this before, but I will say it again I really like how my book turned out and how you and all of "The Richer Team" were able to "read my mind' and help produce exactly what I wanted to for my readers.”

Susan C.,D.M.D

“Thanks!!! It is nice to feel heard and respected for my input. I appreciate your expertise. It is also rewarding to know I have a part in the design and decisions. Yes, team work is great.”

Dr. Nancy R. Harris


Earl is proficient and skilled, yet approachable, communicative and responsive, traits not often found in combination at this level. The expert work he did to transform my manuscript into a book is outstanding. The cover, graphics and professional layout is beyond what I could have imagined and he did it rapidly and on schedule, checking with me at each step. I have referred others to him without reservation and have already used him a second time for a children's book. I expect to hire him again to transform my current manuscript. He does superb work!

Dawn O., M.D.
Knowing where to go with my first book was a puzzle until I got referred to Mr. Earl Cobb. Before reaching out to the RICHER team I read several books and articles on self-publishing. There are various processes available when choosing to go through publishing companies. I must say I am so happy with the work that Mr.Cobb & his extremely professional team put into polishing and publishing my book. I couldn't be more pleased! I am most pleased with the day to day contact that was provided over the less than two month process of producing the finished product! I highly recommend RICHER Press to anyone who is ready to publish! I plan to remain working with RICHER Press with all of my future writing/publishing endeavors.

Latonya S.

This was my first time dealing with a publishing company and I have to say Earl and his staff were great. They showed me the ropes on how to turn my unpolished manuscript into a professional book. They treated me like I was their most important client and Earl was always readily available when I had a question. I would definitely recommend them. 

Billy H.




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