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Summer 2021 Was A Great Year For Book Sales

Consie Berghausen joined the Author Team in 2017 and has published six books. Her last three books were published by RICHER Press. Summers have  always been a great time for Consie to get out, meet neighbors and promote her books throughout her Cape Cod community. Her new book titled, Mermaid Seal: A Selkie Tale, was released in May 2021 and has had tremendous product sales.

Mermaid Seal: A Selkie Tale brings a suspenseful twist on classic Celtic Mythology to the beautiful town of Chatham, Massachusetts. The book is wonderfully rhythmed and filled with unapologetically amazing color. The forty-page book is beautifully illustrated and written to entertain, energize and enlighten children as young as two and as old as eight years of age.

Mermaid Seal: A Selkie Tale is Berghausen’s sixth published book. Two of her most recently published books are about a legendary shark who periodically makes Cape Cod his home- A Shark! Named Jamison and Jamison! A Shark.

You can Look Inside the book HERE

RICHER Press Author Sets Sales Record

Dawn Obrecht joined the RICHER Press Author Team in 2012.      She published her first book under the RICHER Press imprint in 2012, titled,  From the Edge of the Cliff: Understanding the Two Phases of Recovery And Becoming the Person You’re Meant To Be. Her second book titled, Who’s Your Higher Power? Finding a God of Your Own Understanding: Stories From Alcoholics and Addicts I Have Known and Loved was released in June 2013.

This year Dawn has set a new RICHER Press record for continuous, year-to-year book sales. Her books have sold consistently through the RICHER Press Distribution Channels for the past 108 months. Congratulations to Dr. Dawn for maximizing the use of her literary work to support her mission of helping others.

Dawn V. Obrecht, M.D. graduated from the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine and did an internship in general surgery and residency in emergency medicine. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.                      Dr. Obrecht is a frequent speaker on addiction and recovery to physicians and other professionals and has published four books, one on Missionary Medicine, two on addiction and recovery and a new one on her hunting adventures. She welcomes any opportunity to teach others how to identify addiction and help addicts to find recovery. She enjoys hiking, climbing and hunting in the Colorado out of doors.

More about Dawn and her work: HERE

Why Is It So Hard: Becoming a People Person in the Post COVID-19 Era

We are excited about the release of our new book. As we all deal with COVID-19 and the current social, economic and political challenges, we hope the work we have done to help untangle and explain what is really happening in America today, will provide you some comfort and clarity. It always helps, to connect the dots.

Checkout the new book’s website HERE and let us know what you think. We have a December 1, 2021 release date for print, eBook and audio English versions. Subscribe and get a signed copy.

Situations and Leadership: Short Stories and Lifelong Lessons

Now available on Amazon and any location where quality books are sold. You can also listen to the FREE 10-Part Podcast which provides a “Chapter-by-Chapter” Review HERE. 

As a Leader, Words Matter

If you were drawn to reading this article after seeing the message in the photograph, you are not alone. If you are in a leadership role within any organization and would appreciate a brief explanation as well as an important reminder, please read on.

Probably your first thought when you read the message in the photograph was something like, “Wow. What a mistake made by someone who was not thinking”. Then, with a little more thought you most likely assumed that the last line in the photograph should have been “TURN RIGHT”.

Again, you are not alone. Most people will intuitively conclude that a mistake was made and that not thinking was the likely culprit.

However, what if the location of this sign is at the top of a mountain road, where immediately after you enter the off ramp on your right you must make a hard left turn to avoid going over the edge of the mountain. Also, what if the local travelers are known to unconsciously read the last line as (turn) RIGHT (and then quickly) LEFT. If this was true, then obviously navigating this mountain road and making the required quick left turn is something that the locals have become accustomed to doing… READ MORE

Post-Pandemic Project Team Performance: Winners and Losers

Whoever you speak with or listen to these days – politicians, journalists, friends and colleagues – you are likely to talk about the unprecedented and uncertain times we are living in today.  However, as Emma Griner [an organizational design expert] points out, “the world was not stable before the pandemic. We were already living with uncertainty, facing new organizational shifts and addressing workforce challenges”.

I am sure most of you will agree that we are just moving closer to a post-pandemic phase which will require us to live with and tackle new and existing levels of uncertainty.

The swift change brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic is unsettling but has brought about…READ MORE

Richer Life, LLC  CEO is Interviewed by Tom Hughes from London and Talks about His New Book

From Sharks to Seals. It’s all About Respecting Differences

Mother and Daughter Team Creates Another Mystical Experience for Children

Anyone who has been close to the process, knows that writing quality children’s literature requires both a work of art and an unusual level of human consciousness. After all, children are just little people.

The work of art involves being able to choose brilliant words and rhymes, being creative enough to craft just the perfect illustrations, being clever enough to invent magical plots and being confident enough to trust that the end-product will pass the test of adults and children alike. The sum of which creates a challenge, which can be daunting. Occasionally, it’s a once in a lifetime achievement obtained by a few, lucky children’s book authors. However, achieving this level of success on a routine basis, seems to require an unusual level of human consciousness. That is to say, a consciousness tied closely to a mixture of faith, maturity, mindfulness, compassion and purpose, which transcends self-doubt and willingly draws upon the brilliance of others.

Consie Berghausen is a children’s book author who is no stranger to…READ MORE

Earl and Charlotte provide a 3-minute overview of their new book and podcast series. Learn about the Situations and Leadership “live” Broadcast and Podcast Series which is designed to strengthen leadership and critical thinking skills here: To Improve Project Performance?                      Then, Stop Managing and Start Leading

A few years after I was promoted to my Project Management position within my organization, I would wake up in the middle of the night worrying about the mediocre performance I was getting from my project teams.

All my projects would start out okay. Then, they would end up behind schedule and over budget. Seldom did the final deliverables meet all the requirements as defined in the statement of work.  So, I was constantly put in the position of having to use my charm and my ability to communicate upward to convince project stakeholders that what was delivered was good enough. More Here

Richer Life, LLC CEO Selected as One of the 100 Global Thought Leaders in 2021

In receiving the global recognition Cobb said: “I am humbled to be selected as one of the 100 global thought leaders that inspire in 2021 by PeopleHum. I am #18. Wow. I didn’t expect this”

Click HERE to listen to the interview Cobb gave to PeopleHum on “Never be the Smartest Person in the Room”.

You can find the full list of the 100 Global Thought Leaders HERE.

New Living a Richer Life ~Life Changing Talk Radio Broadcasts Start Thursday March 11, 2021

Beginning March 11, 2021 the new broadcast will discuss a chapter of a chapter of the new book, “Situations and Leadership: Short Stories and Lifelong Lessons” by Ervin (Earl) Cobb and Charlotte D. Grant-Cobb, PhD.

During each broadcast, Earl and Charlotte will have special guest hosts who will join the audience in the discussion. Learn more about the new broadcasts and schedules click here.

Live Interview with CEO Earl Cobb

With Holiday Giving Comes a Mystery

By Ervin (Earl) Cobb
Published December 18, 2020

As we find ourselves in the middle of the holiday season during a global pandemic, there is much for us to think about and be thankful for. I must admit that my family and I have been blessed. We have not experienced any family infections or deaths and any serious social or economic hardships.

I am aware of the significance of this blessing. I am also aware that many of you who are reading this article have experienced a similar blessing as well.

My recent thoughts surrounding the mystery of holiday giving began early this week. While participating in a monthly Zoom meeting of an international social service organization, I listened attentively to a young man, who is a member of our group, ask for donations to support an annual community effort in Savannah called “The Holiday Makeover Project”.

He and another young man are leading this year’s effort to collect the funds needed to continue…READ MORE

PMO Master Webinar Presentation

Richer Life Associates, the consulting arm of Richer Life, LLC presented to a global PMO (Project Management Office)  Mastermind Group in October of this year. Earl Cobb, Richer Life, LLC CEO and Managing Partner, personally led a “deep dive” discussion regarding a study RLA completed in 2015 on the importance of Project Management Professionals gaining formal Project Leadership skills to keep pace with the industries they support. Here is the video of the main presentation.

New RICHER Press Author Publishes His First Book 

In his new book, James McMechan uses his own down-to-earth way to  passionately communicate some basic yet critical reflections on how you can become both an inspired and successful sales professional. In the  process, he has also found a way to invite God into the conversation.  According to Jim, “You might be surprised to learn that some of the best  principles an inspired salesperson can have are found in the pages of God’s Word.”

Learn more about Jim’s new book HERE.

RICHER Press Author Publishes New Book on Leadership Development

On September 1, 2020, RICHER Press co-publisher and author, Earl Cobb, published a new book titled, “Leadership Front and Center: A Decade of Thought and Tutelage”. This is the sixth book in the leadership genre for Cobb and his 11th published book in total.

In a recent interview, Cobb stated, “In this book, the readers will have the opportunity to explore dozens of published articles and learn how to apply my trend of thought, insights, and innovative approaches to improve their leadership skills and performance in both their personal and professional lives.”

Over the past decade, in addition to his role as the CEO and Managing Partner of Richer Life, LLC, Cobb has been a powerful voice and passionate thought leader. His written work, presentations and coaching has provided thousands of organizational managers and those in  leadership roles the guidance and insight required to close leadership skills gaps and become highly effective leaders. During this period, Earl has written and published more than fifty books and articles that have reached and contributed to the leadership development of professionals around the globe.

Learn more about Cobb’s new book and watch a video message here.


Hang in There and Don’t Allow COVID-19 and Perfection Become the Enemies of Your Good Work

By Ervin (Earl) Cobb, CEO and Managing Partner, Richer Life, LLC

I know. We all are hoping that when things get back to normal, we will have maintained our level of success, stability, and sanity.

For most of us, professional and personal life has been quite challenging over the past eight months. But hang in there and remember that it took more than two years for things to get back to normal after the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Once vaccines were developed and the world’s population found a way to live with the influenza, national economies recovered, and prosperity blossomed.

However, until then, it is important for all of us [workers, leaders, and organizations] to also remember that there are times when uncontrollable circumstances will determine that doing our best is “good enough.” We should not allow our drive for perfection to become the enemy of both the individual and the collective good.

The goal must be for us to do all the things required, to the best level possible — based on available time, talent and resources — to ensure that we all reach the “other side of living with COVID-19” whole and ready for the prosperity to come.

Here are three things that I have been doing every day for the past few months to keep a check on my ability to achieve this goal…READ MORE

Still Worthy a Being a Best Seller and a Very Timely Read for Your Family

This book is perfect for your family and friends to discuss the “pandemic of Type 2 diabetes” with your child or young teen. Very relevant, as revealed by COVID-19.  Order a Copy Today Here

DIABETES AND HEALTHY EATING is a new, full color, professionally illustrated children’s book. This 52-page treasure is uniquely designed to allow parents to creatively help their young children, and other members of the family, learn about healthy eating and the prevention & control of diabetes — a devastating health condition affecting over 300 million lives around the world. Along with an adorable main character, entertaining story line and compelling rhyme, you will also find special recipes, coloring pages and a special glossary of memory words, all intended to assist in teaching your child the importance of healthy eating and what is required to prevent and manage diabetes, whenever possible. Even children without diabetes will embrace the friendly, inquisitive and furry bear named Charlie B. Marley, who likes to be called Little Mar. Chef Mattocks is the nephew of the late reggae singer and star, Bob Marley. The use of the Marley name in this book is a tribute to his uncle.

Two Medical Students Write Illustrated Children’s Book About Coronavirus

The market for children’s picture books has traditionally not focused on people of color. Feeling frustrated by the lack of options, a Milwaukee parent and author, Deanna Singh, produced the book I Am a Boy of Color in 2016 and followed it a year later with I Am a Girl of Color. Those works follow a small but growing trend for books that appeal to youth of color.

Added to the situation is how the coronavirus has upended life in America for many weeks, particularly for the African American, Latino, and other minority communities of color. Access to accurate information for adults concerning COVID-19 has been slow, and much of the federal government’s response has been confusing. Explaining to young children why staying home is important to prevent the spread of the pandemic has been a challenge for parents. READ MORE

RICHER Press Author and Her Work Recognized in Forbes Article

By Ervin (Earl) Cobb, CEO and Managing Partner

Recently, I experienced what I call a “legacy moment”. That is, those moments that instantly register as “most memorable”…at later stages in life.

You see, earlier today, I received a LinkedIn message from someone that I met while working out in the hotel exercise room back in May 2013 — the morning following my Friday night presentation to the ITSMF Management Academy Class. In a delightful conversation, she shared some of the work she had done over the years in her doctorate level study of “intersectionality”.

If you are like me, I had no idea…at the time…what she was talking about.

The initial conversation turned into future discussions where Dr. Fay shared a ton of her terrific and pioneering work in this area of study. RICHER Press reviewed her work and offered her a publishing contract. READ MORE