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The Great Mystery Awaits Us All

Every month brings something new in both our professional and personal lives. It could be a new job, a new level of responsibility or a new friend.

The first day of this month brought the news that a dear associate and friend has completed her life’s journey and entered into what she so affectionately called in her only published novel “the great mystery”. READ MORE

New Company Overview Video Released to Commemorate 10 years of Helping to Change Lives for the Better

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the full launch of Richer Life, LLC. Over this period, our company established RICHER Press and Richer Life Associates with the hope of getting in a position to  help as many people as possible by “Shaping Thoughts and Changing Live for the Better.”  Our success is based on your success. Thank you.

The Tucson Festival of Books is a two-day festival of book panels and events where booklovers of all ages can come together, meet their favorite authors, and discover new bookish companies and organizations on the University of Arizona Mall.

Tucson Festival of Books is a free, public celebration of authors, reading & literacy.  Join us at this year’s Festival March 2-3, 2019.

Offered free-of-charge, the Festival exists to improve literacy rates among children and adults. All proceeds following the Festival support critical local literacy programs. Learn More About the Tucson Festival of Books.

“A principle is a fundamental truth, concept or value that serves as a guide for behavior or evaluation.”

THE SMART LEADER builds upon a carefully chosen collection of what are known as “Skinny” Principles.

 The “Skinny” Principles are crafted to cut to the chase and to simplify the hard-core realities and challenges that are often embedded in the art of successfully leading and Winning within 21st century organizational structures.

In ten short chapters − through compelling situational narratives and candid discussions − this innovative and entertaining book presents a unique and powerful chain of reasoning that has unquestionably guided leaders within all types and sizes of public and private organizations to phenomenal personal and professional success.

You are skillfully walked through the What, Why, How and When associated with the actions you can take to address leadership shortcomings. The book also includes some helpful Guides and Exercises to support deeper dives into the suggested actions.      READ MORE…and preview first Chapter of the book.

Let us know what you think?

The New 2018-2019 Trade Book Catalog Released

The new Trade Book Catalog contains a list of active RICHER Press Print Book titles, describes all active titles by genre and provides special sales summaries for 2018-2019 featured titles.

RICHER Press titles are distributed to more than 71,000 retail and library customers globally.

RICHER Press is a full service, specialty Trade publisher whose sole goal is to shape thoughts and change lives for the better. All of the books, eBooks and digital media we publish, distribute and market embrace our commitment to help maximize opportunities for personal growth and professional achievement.

RICHER Press is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (PBPA). The IBPA is one of the most influential associations in independent publishing.

RICHER Press is also an affiliate of the Ingram Book Company. The Ingram Book Company (IBC) is the largest book wholesale distributor in the world, offering immediate access to more than two million titles.

Over the past 10 years, RICHER Press estimates that, on average, they have invested around $4,700 of production and marketing services per engagement to ensure that they professionally publish each title consistent with the book’s full literary and market potential.

You can view the new catalog HERE

Jamison! A Shark Returns Destined to Thrill the Young and Old This Summer

Jamison! A Shark Returns is a sequel to Consie Berghausen’s bestselling children’s book released in 2017 titled, A Shark! Named Jamison.

In her new book, Consie’s distinctive sense of rhyme and talent for writing suspenseful adventures that can be enjoyed by children and parents continue to blossom. In the new adventure, Jamison the famous shark returns to the Chatham beaches. He makes the long journey accompanied by a couple of delightful and amusing new friends. Not knowing that his transmitting tag was being tracked, the people on shore know the Jamison’s there. In the paper and on the beaches everyone is aware of the return of Jamison – —“that shark hero who went up on shore, a place where no great white ventured before”.

In the 40 page, wonderfully illustrated book written as a reader for ages 5-12, Consie and her daughter, Nina have done it again. The book is full of warmth, learning and dramatic underwater and coastal scenes. If you enjoyed Jamison’s first visit to the Chatham beaches, you will be equally captivated and energized with Jamison’s return.

This is the fifth Book written and illustrated by the team of Consie and Nina Berghausen. Read More about the book

You can take a closer look at the new book HERE

New Book Released to Support Innovative Approach to Project Leadership Development

After two years of testing and finalizing the concept and methodology, RICHER Press authors, Earl Cobb and Jim Grigsby, released their new book titled, “Driving Ultimate Project Performance: Transforming from Project Manager to Project Leader” on March 19th. The 242 page Workbook and Coaching Guide contains over 30 developmental exercises and targets the leadership training needs of Project Management Professionals and Functional Business Managers who have project management responsibilities.

According to Grigsby, “We are excited about our new, ground-breaking Leadership Development Book and Program. Driving Ultimate Project Performance has been mindfully and specifically designed for successful Project Management Professional or Functional Business Manager who desire the opportunity to significantly improve their leadership skills and leadership performance by participating in a professional, proven, state-of-the-art and self-paced Leadership Development Program.”

The Self-Directed Project Leadership Development option allows these professionals to confront their own internal ideas, preconceptions, and thinking patterns; determine their individual leadership and career development needs; and craft an executable action plan that will successfully move them from Project Manager to Project Leader. All is accomplished at a pace which best fit their current professional and personal situation.

You can learn more about the new book and the self-paced Leadership Development Program HERE.

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LIVING A RICHER LIFE – Life Changing Talk Radio Introduces the new People Who Inspire Us Interview and Talk Series

Since February 2014, LIVING A RICHER LIFE – Life Changing Talk Radio has been broadcasting timely interviews with published authors and public personalities as well as entertaining listeners, who tune-in to share, learn and be empowered.

Starting on April 5, 2018, Life Changing Talk Radio will launch the 2018 season with a new weekly series focused on premier interviews with gifted authors and speakers who have messages that inspire a multitude of people from many walks of life.

In fast-paced 15 minute interviews, authors with wide-ranging readership will be asked to: READ MORE…

Author-Illustrator and Educator V.A. Boeholt Joins the RICHER Press Author Team

Author-illustrator and educator V.A. Boeholt, Ph.D., has made professional contributions to students, parents, and instructors around the world as a teacher, curriculum designer, producer of academic publications, and program developer. Currently she enjoys writing engaging children’s stories enhancing opportunities for learning. Young readers were introduced to V.A.’s endearing Burton the Kind Scarecrow series, about character development, service, and gardening.

Boeholt wrote the Ship Captain’s Tale to teach children about counting, problem-solving, a hero, and times of day. The Dolphin’s Fun Book and The Twin Dolphin’s Adventure Books have been designed to inspire the young with a greater appreciation for our oceans’ family members. V. A hopes all the

The Publishers of RICHER Press recently announced its top three bestselling books in 2017. In 2017 RICHER Press titles were distributed and sold in the United States, Great Britain, Europe, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Congratulations to these Members of the RICHER Press Author Team. Thanks to all of the Author Team Members for helping to shape thoughts and change lives for the better.

Barnes & Noble Local Author Event Highlights  RICHER Press Author

November 18th was a very special day for LaVon Jackson Maccanico. She was one of the featured authors at a major Local Author Day event held at Barnes & Noble in Chandler, Arizona. LaVon is a first-time author and her new book titled, “When I Look Into The Mirror: A Self-Esteem Builder and Dairy For Women of Color” was a big hit. All of the copies available were sold.

Many of her neighbors and friends as well as by Earl Cobb, Managing Partner of Richer Life, LLC and RICHER Press Co-Publisher joined LaVon at the event.

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Fall 2017 Direct Distribution Program Opportunities

From September 1st through November 31st RICHER Press will be offering four newly released titles to qualified Specialty Retailers, Non-Profit Fundraisers and Start-Up Entrepreneurs at wholesale cost (minimum of 45% discount) with FREE shipping on quantities of 25 copies or greater. Terms include the return of unsold inventory based on conditions.

Check Here to Learn More and Download Sales Package

The RICHER Press Author Team Expands in Both Message and Readership with the Addition of Berghausen, Parisio and Jackson-Maccanico

This month marks the seventh year anniversary of the formal launch of RICHER Press. Over this period, we have had the fortune of collaborating with some amazing and authentic authors and releasing almost 100 publications. We have reached thousands of readers worldwide and have helped to shape the thoughts and enrich the lives of many readers.

Each year, we continue to witness the passion, energy and talent of the RICHER Press Author Team. Here is a brief introduction of three new members of the team whose unique work and remarkable energy has expanded both our messages and approaches to shaping thoughts and changing lives for the better.

Consie Berghausen and her daughter, Nina, joined the RICHER Press Author team in December 2016. RICHER published and released her new children’s book, “A Shark Named Jamison” in April 2017. The book is based on a true story of a shark that unfortunately became beached on the shores near Cape Cod and how the local residents helped to get it back to the safety of the Atlantic Ocean. Her book is currently the RICHER Press 2017 bestselling release. Her numerous book signing this summer spearheaded the book’s acquisition by many bookstores in the Cape Cod area. Read More about Consie and her work

Tamara Parisio joined the RICHER Press Author team in November 2016. She writes under the pen name of T. K. Lynn. RICHER published and released her new book, “The Little Book of Big League Dreams: A Handbook For the Game of Baseball & For the Game of Life” in March 2017. The 256-page handbook is distinctively designed and written to provide baseball fundamentals and inspiration to young players, parents and coaches. As Tamara described it, “the book is a collection of cultivated, curated, and considered information that takes a unique look as some of the fundamentals of baseball and at some corresponding fundamentals of life”. Read More about Tamara and her work

LaVon Jackson Maccanico joined the RICHER Press Author team in July 2017. RICHER will release her new book, “When I Look Into The Mirror: A Self-Esteem Builder and Diary For Women of Color” in September 2017. LaVon describes herself as “a wife, mother and grandmother who taught all of my children that they are healthy, beautiful, strong and smart.” One of her literary goals is to inspire all women of color and to let them know that they are healthy, beautiful, strong and smart, too. You can pre-order a copy of LaVon’s book today at

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A Well-Written Children’s Book is a Beautiful Thing

Arizona Author Continues to Tell Compelling Stories with Strong Characters, Mind-expanding Illustrations and Joyful Learning

Ann Anovitz seems to know exactly what parents are looking for in a children’s book. The retired business executive and grandmother is a Docent at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson, Arizona. Over the years, she has made up stories about the people, animals and plants of the Sonoran Desert to tell to children and grown-ups who visit the park. Anovitz recently published a new, beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated book titled “The Medicine Bush.”

“The Medicine Bush” is the fourth book in her Grandma Annie’s Stories From The Garden™ children’s book series. The series is comprised of a collection of colorful and fully illustrated bilingual books for young boys and girls from ages 5 through 10. The other books in the series include, “Cowboy Jose and Pinteroo”, “Wigga Poo’s Soccer Team” and “The Little Cloud.” Anovitz’s books…READ MORE

Checklists and Diaries Pioneers Path to Making “Thought” Great Again

New Book Embraces Thought, Experience and Authenticity as Keys to Successful Career and Life Transformations

Phoenix, Arizona,— In a twist from past research and writings, Earl Cobb and Jim Grigsby recently announced the May 1, 2017 release of their new book titled, “The Official Leadership Checklist and Diary for Project Management Professionals.” The book is a collaboration, which unites two well-published authors who have an expertise and passion for publishing insightful, entertaining and practical self-improvement literature.

According to Grigsby, “We have spent a considerable amount of time developing what we believe is the first of its kind. As millions of professions around the world, look for ways to channel their enthusiasm and energy to move to the next level and to make meaningful transformations in both their career and their personal lives, they are seeking practical, self-guided methods. Our new book embraces the idea that you are what you think and that by transforming your thoughts and actions, you can gain better control your destiny.”

In a recent interview Cobb stated, “This particular Checklist and Diary is written and deigned as a thought guide and performance tracker and is specifically for READ MORE.

Mother and Daughter Team Joins RICHER Press and Publishes Fourth Book
A Shark! Named Jamison Exceeds All Expectations

Many of the researchers from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy believe that the great white shark that washed up on a Chatham beach during the summer of 2015, and was tagged and named “Jamison,” may have pulled through after his unexpected ordeal. The story, the rescue and the amazing community teamwork to ensure that Jamison’s adventure ended with shark’s survival is still being admired around the world.

In the new book, A Shark! Named Jamison, Consie and Nina Berghausen take on the challenge of creating a version of Jamison’s adventure written for the age level of 5-12 (K-6). Their year-long effort to perfect both the text and illustrations of a colorful, fully illustrated book seems to have paid off.

As the author, Consie gives the young readers an opportunity to go inside the mind of “Jamison” and imagine how a juvenile white shark could find himself in such a position. In the thirty-eight page book, she challenges the young reader to imagine what Jamison must have been thinking as he was the center of attention in the waters and on a beach in beautiful Cape Cod. Her distinctive sense of rhyme and READ MORE.

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T. K. Lynn Knocks the Ball Out of the Park with New Book

 The Little Book of Big League Dreams Appears to Hit the Mark

Scottsdale resident and screenwriter, T. K. Lynn, knocks the ball out of the park with a book everyone involved in little league sports has been waiting for. The Little Book of Big League Dreams: A Handbook For the Game of Baseball & For the Game of Life is full of baseball fundamentals and inspiration for players, parents and coaches.

The small but hearty handbook explodes with a collection of cultivated, curated, and considered information that takes a unique look as some of the fundamentals of baseball and at some corresponding fundamentals of life.

Every parent with a child in tee-ball to club ball will enjoy sharing this information with his or her player. Each player will…Read More

RICHER Press Reveals 2017 Trade Book Catalog During the Ninth Annual Tucson Festival of Books

Phoenix, Arizona, March 10, 2017 — RICHER Press announced today the revealing of its 2017-2018 Trade Book Catalog during the Ninth Annual Tucson Festival of Books.

During its seven years of operation, RICHER Press has attracted some of America’s most prolific and entertaining authors spanning a broad cross-section of the Self-Help, Educational, Inspirational and Children’s book genres.

Featured authors showcased in the 2017 Trade Book Catalog include Ann Anovitz, Drew Beuerlein, Dr. Fay Cobb Payton, Dr. Susan Cushing, Karen Gilroy, Kristi Grimm, Billy Horton, Celebrity Chief Charles Mattocks, Dr. Dawn Obrecht, Vance Simms, Tiny Stalling Clark, Debbie Zoub, Laura Hamlin, Susan Juergensen, Dr. Nancy Harris and Charlotte Grant-Cobb.

The Tucson Festival of Books is a community-wide celebration of literature. Offered free-of-charge, the Festival exists to improve literacy rates among children and adults. All proceeds for the Festival support local literacy programs.

The Ninth Festival of Books will be held on March 11 – 12, 2017 on University of Arizona Campus from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. The Festival is now the third largest such festival in the United States with past attendances of over 120,000 participants.

RICHER Press Author Selected as Keynote Speaker for International Advanced Dentistry Conference

Dr. Susan R. Cushing, DMD has been named as one of the seven keynote speakers for the Dental Science & Advanced Dentistry Conference in Las Vegas, May 22-23, 2017.  Dr. Cushing will be speaking on Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia.

The 30th International Conference on Dental Science and Advanced Dentistry has been designed in an interdisciplinary manner with a multitude of tracks to choose from every segment and provides  a unique opportunity for dental professionals to meet up with peers from both industries belonging to Dental Health, Oral Health Expertise and Dental Hygiene sectors and academia.

Invitations have been extended to all concerned people from USA, UK, Jordan, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Dubai, Israel, India, China and Japan.

Dr. Cushing published her first book, Fat No More! The Book of Hope for Losing Weight, to share her lifelong struggle with obesity and dieting, including all her trials and tribulations and eventual success of losing over 85 pounds and keeping it off for many years. It is a very honest and inspiring message for those fighting the diet/weight battle. READ MORE

RICHER Press Announces Top-Selling Authors for 2016

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – As one of  America’s most admired Trade Book Publishing Companies, RICHER Press celebrates its seventh year of operations and today announced its top three bestselling authors for 2016.

Dawn is a graduate the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine and did an internship in general surgery and residency in emergency medicine. Dr. Obrecht was in the first group of 500 physicians in the U.S...Read More

Susan is an Indiana native. She now lives in Arizona. Over the past 10 years, Susan and her husband have fostered over 350 kittens, cats, puppies and dogs. They were all either recovering from injury or too young or underweight for adoption. Susan was among the Arizona Humane Society® volunteers who supported the Hurricane Katrina...Read More

Dr. Cushing graduated Cum Laude from Boston College and went on to earn her DMD degree from Tufts University Dental School in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Cushing published her first book, Fat No More! The Book of Hope for Losing Weight, to share her lifelong struggle with obesity and dieting, including all her trials and tribulations and eventual success of losing over 85 pounds...Read More

RICHER Press is a full service, specialty Trade publisher whose sole goal is to shape thoughts and change lives for the better. All of the books, eBooks and digital media we publish, distribute and market embrace our commitment to help maximize opportunities for personal growth and professional achievement.

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Black LineRICHER Press Author’s Nationally-Known Dog Reaches Milestone Caring for Kittens

9780986354434_frontcover_65PHOENIX, ARIZONA– Boots “The Kitten Nanny” has reached a milestone by taking care of his 350th tiny feline at home and then surpassing that number. The 14-year-old Golden Retriever and chow mix and his owner foster rescue kittens to help them become more adoptable by socializing them and exposing them to new experiences. Boots has also been volunteering at an Arizona shelter for several years and has helped countless other kittens there.
Boots gained national attention when he began volunteering and helping care for the kittens in the shelter’s kitten nursery about once a week. The adorable story is even more touching given the fact that Boots was rescued from the Hurricane Katrina floodwaters in 2005.

Boots was found standing in about 10-inches of contaminated water in New Orleans and was in bad shape. He was rescued by an Arizona shelter worker, taken to Phoenix and nursed back to health. Shelter volunteer Susan J. Juergensen fell in love with Boots while helping care for him and decided to adopt him. Boots now pays that kindness forward by helping the kittens prepare for homes that may have dogs.
Illustration3_98“I’m often asked if I trained Boots how to behave around kittens,” said Juergensen. “I always look at him and smile and say he came to me this way. Compassion is a trait we share.”

Boots’ story is also the focus of a book for school-age children…Read More

Black LineJim Grigsby and Earl Cobb Announces the Collaboration of New Book Targeting Sixteen Million Project Management Professionals 

Earl Cobb and Jim Grigsby recently announced the release of their new book titled, “The Official Leadership Checklist and Diary for Project Management Professionals.”

The book is a collaboration, which unites two well-published authors who have an expertise and passion for publishing insightful, entertaining  and practical self-improvement literature.

According to Grigsby, “We have spent a considerable amount of time developing what we believe is a vibrant and breakthrough self-improvement guide. We believe that our succinct, yet powerful, messages and project-specific wisdom combined with an exclusive self-development platform will become a treasured companion and tool for the over 16 million Project Management Professionals around the world.”

Cobb, a retired engineering and technology executive…Read More

Black LineGrandma Annie’s Stories From The Garden Children’s Book Series                                    Now Available in Kindle eBook Edition


Ann Anovitz is the author of the Grandma Annie’s Stories From the Garden Children’s Book Series. Ann joined the RICHER Press Team in 2014. She lives in Tucson, Arizona and is a retired Commercial Real Estate executive, avid community volunteer and a skillful writer.

All of her children’s  books are  beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated. The series provides young readers an educational reading experience for both English and Spanish speaking children. With a simple 180 degree flip, the child can move from one version of the story to the other.

Cowboy Jose and Pinteroo is an adventurous and fun-filled that book helps to teach one important lesson — we can be friends with someone who is different from ourselves.

Wigga Poo’s Soccer Team helps to teach young readers that we can get more accomplished when we work as a team.

The Little Cloud is  the story Little Cloud meets Bruiser the Cloud, Mr. Mountain and others to teach the readers about the importance of rain water in the Sonoran Desert and the role that clouds play in keeping things green and the residents happy.

The fourth book to the series titled, The Medicine Bush is to be released in 2017.

You can click each title above and go to Amazon and take a look inside the book.

Black LineRICHER Press Author Lands Interview with Real World Endo          

Managing anxiety during a dental visit is an important component of a successful dental visit. In this video, Dr. Nasseh interviews Dr. Susan Cushing, the author of Have No Fear of the Dental Chair: A Guide for Reducing Dental Fear and shares some important tips for managing anxious patients.             Real World Endo

Click Here or Photo to View Interview

Real World Endo is an independent endodontic education and consulting company that is committed to the philosophy of a Patient Based Clinical Practice. There mission is to develop concepts and techniques that give the largest majority of clinicians the ability to get superior endodontic results. They believe this is achievable through the creation of predictable, consistent, and reproducible techniques and procedures.

Dr. Susan R. Cushing is a General Dentist, practicing in Pocasset, Massachusetts.  She graduated from Boston College and Tufts University Dental School and is a Fellow in the International College of Dentists and a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Cushing practices all phases of dentistry with an emphasis on Cosmetic Dentistry and treating fearful and phobic dental patients.

In addition to her new her book, Have No Fear of the Dental Chair! A Guide for Reducing Dental Fear, Susan is also the author of Fat No More! The Book of Hope for Losing Weight.

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Black LineRICHER Press Children’s Books are a Big Hit

Children's Book LogoEncouraging reading to children is crucial for the development of their young minds. This will help them to develop a strong vocabulary as well as promote a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

RICHER Press offers some of the most unique and innovative children’s books available on the market today. All of the stories are written to entertain, educate and help young readers learn things early in life that will have a lifelong positive impact.

From learning how recycling is important to our environment and why healthy eating is required to prevent and manage Type-2 diabetes to what it takes to be a friend and not a bully…these colorful and superbly illustrated books will become family  treasures for years to come.

2015 RICHER Press Book Catalog Front CoverBrowse through the details of each of our special children’s books and learn more about all of the current RICHER Press publications by reviewing our new Trade Book Catalog.

Black LineKristi Grimm Publishes First Book of Series Aimed at Teenagers and “Tweeners”

Kristi Grimm Writes Fiction

Since publishing her fourth book in the Mommy Tell Me a Story children’s educational book series, Kristi Grimm has surprised even herself by quickly completing and publishing of her first book in what she plans to be a series of fictional literature in the Mythology & Folk Tales genre.

Her first book in the Mitty’s Gamen series is titled, How it Began and was released on June 1, 2016. The 206 page paperback is published by A Book’s Mind.

Mitty’s Gamen: How it Began is described by readers as “a suspenseful, adventurous story” and a book where “the characters show a lot of imagination and the storyline is very creative.” Unlike her Mommy Tell Me a Story series which is written for young children, Kristi’s new series is targeted at young teenagers and older children called “Tweeners.”  The “tween” years technically occur between the ages of 10 and 12. Her husband, Dave Grimm, provides the amazing illustrations for both series of books…Read More

Black Line

Susan and Boots Visit Indiana School

Susan and Boots at School

During a book promotion tour, Author Susan Juergensen and her now famous companion, “Boots” visit an elementary school in Noblesville, Indiana to share the story of Boots and his adventures.

Boots is the chow and German shepherd mix, who was saved by the Arizona Humane Society during their Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts. Boots was adopted by an Arizona Humane Society volunteer. Boots has become famous for his visits the organization as a “Nanny” for kittens – helping them to socialize and become more adoptable.

9780986354434_frontcover_65Susan’s book titled, BOOTS: Hurricane Katrina Survivor and Kitten Nanny was published in 2015. In the book, the Susan shares how “Boots” recalls his own rescue and adoption story.

Susan Juergensen is an Indiana native. She now lives in Arizona. Over the past 10 years…Read More.

Black Line

RICHER Press Author selected as Finalist in the  Next Generation Indie Book Awards


Phoenix, AZ: RICHER Press announced today that Dr. Fay Cobb Payton and her new book titled Leveraging Intersectionality: Seeing and Not Seeing  were named a finalist in the AFRICAN AMERICAN category of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

All Finalists and Winners were invited to attend an awards reception at the Newberry Library in Chicago on May 11th during the BookExpo America (BEA). The BEA  is the leading book and author event for the North American publishing industry.

In her new book, Dr. Fay Cobb Payton offers a unique and careful examination of who is engaged in digital and social inclusion, who is not and why everyone should be. The Foreword for Leveraging Intersectionality: Seeing and Not Seeing is written by Johnnella E. Butler, Ed.D., Former Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Spelman College.

Dr. Fay, as she is affectionately called, is currently an Associate Professor of Information Systems at North Carolina State University.

Leveraging Intersectionality: Seeing and Not Seeing was released and distributed globally on August 25, 2014.The attractive, 282 page paperback is available at, Barnes and and anywhere quality books are sold.

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An Abundance of Experience, Empathy and Encouragement Anchors New Book by Accomplished Massachusetts Dentist

SRC.3D Front 96 dpi

Her Mission of Helping Millions Cope and Reduce Their Fear of the Dental Chair

When “Little Suzy” was growing up in a modest middle class family, she experienced the normal challenges and fears associated with childhood and adolescence. Many such challenges simply require allowing Mother Nature to take her course. With time, she overcame most of her childhood fears with experience and maturity.

However, the one fear that haunted “Little Suzy” throughout her early life is the one that also haunts millions of others — the fear of climbing into the dental chair. Today, this kind of fear is related to what is called dental anxiety and dental phobia. Both are extremely common. It is estimated that 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear.

In her new book titled, Have No Fear of the Dental Chair! A Guide for Reducing Dental Fear, “Little Suzy,” now Dr. Susan R. Cushing, tells the story of her childhood fear of dentists and finding a…Read More

Black Line

Charles Mattocks Celebrity Chef & Worldwide Diabetes Advocate Joins RICHER Press Author Team with New Children’s Book to Help Fight Diabetes.


Phoenix, Arizona –  RICHER Press released the new book written by Charles Mattocks, the celebrity chef, best selling author and Emmy nominated actor and Kristi Grimm, the author of the popular “Mommy, Tell Me a Story” Children’s book series. The book’s release and global distribution will coincide with many summer and fall community health & wellness activities leading up to the World Diabetes Day on November 14th. The release also supports the launch of Mr. Mattocks’ National Diabetes Testing Tour. CNN will accompany and record Charles’ humanitarian pursuit to test one million Americans for diabetes….Read More

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Western Writers Live On
AUGUST 6, 2015 – AUGUST 27, 2015


Second Year of Collaboration Brings More Western Writers of America’s Members and Great Discussion Topics

LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio has teamed again this year with the Western Writers of America, Inc. (WWA) to produce and broadcast four very special episodes during the month of August.

The year’s series is titled, Western Writers Live On. Each episode will include interviews with members of the WWA who will be interviewed and will discuss interesting and enlightening aspects of Western literature on the “live” and nationally broadcasted radio talk show.

About the Western Writers of America

The Western Writers of America or WWA was incorporated in 1953 to promote the literature of the American West. Like the Western landscape itself, WWA and the books, songs, and stories produced by its members have evolved immensely. There are no longer just traditional Western fiction authors. WWA boasts historians, nonfiction authors, young adult, romance writers, songwriters, poets, and screenwriters for film and television. They all have one thing in common—Their work in every medium is set in the ever‐changing American West.

Today the WWA has more than 650 members who have garnered awards and made The New York Times best‐sellers list.

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RICHER Press Co-Publishers Enjoy Lunch With
Steamboat Springs Writers and Published Authors 

Steamboat Springs

VAIL, COLORADO – Earl Cobb and Charlotte Grant-Cobb, RICHER Press Co-Publishers recently enjoyed lunch with Steamboat Springs writers and published authors at the Sweet Basil Restaurant in the resort town of Vail, Colorado. Over the past couple of years, four Steamboat Springs area authors have joined the RICHER Press author team. To date, RICHER Press has published four titles written by Steamboat Springs residents over the past few years. Steamboat Springs has long been known for its western heritage and ranching traditions and thrives as a world-class skiing, biking, and year-round recreational destination. It is becoming known for its active group of passionate writers and published authors.

Black Line

Dr. Dawn Obrecht Wins Second Evvy Award


Denver, Colorado – Dawn V. Obrecht,M.D., the Eric Hoffer Award winning author of “From the Edge of the Cliff: Understanding the Two Phases of Recovery And Becoming the Person You’re Meant To Be”, added another EVVY Award in the Spiritual and Religious category to the list of recognitions for her new  book, “Who’s Your Higher Power? Finding a God of Your Own Understanding”. The Annual EVVY Awards is sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA). CIPA is one of the nation’s oldest Independent Publishers Association. The nonprofit association was founded in 1992 by Evelyn Kaye, after whom the Evvy award is named and is supported by book publishers, authors, future authors and related publishing service providers…. Learn more about DocDawn 

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New Book By RICHER Press Author is Written to Offer Solace and Comfort to the Broken Hearted


You can feel the passion in her voice when Dr. Charlotte Grant-Cobb ask the following questions: “What do you say to someone who has lost a loved one? How do you tell a dear friend how deeply sorry you are for their loss? How can you bring hope to the person that feels guilty because they lived and their loved one died?”

In a recent interview, she stated…Read More

Black Line

Celebrated Poet and Spoken Word Personality Publishes First Book With the Goal of Strengthening the Resolve of All Women
I Choose to Live is written for all women going through circumstances in life, which are causing them to feel alone and hopeless. It is intended to give hope to the hopeless and a new outlook on life to those who still struggle with…Read More
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 Vance and Rana Simms Pen New Book
Vance Simms is the Founder and CEO of Father Matters, Inc., a nation wide nonprofit organization of “fathers mentoring fathers”. In this role he has become a visionary with a goal of “turning the hearts of men back to their children and families”.  Vance is also the author of  Dear Nathan: A Young Man’s Journey to Fatherhood published in 2001 by Brynell Publishing, Inc. In their new book, Brokenness Produces Pearls, Vance and his wife, Rana, state “We wrote Brokenness Produces Pearls for those who are experiencing the sting of life. We share with them some of our own struggles and how they could turn those struggles into victories. We didn’t  write this book for those who “have it all together”. This book is for those who  are going through tough situations that seem anything but hopeful.”
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