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  • As a specialty Trade Publisher, we do not “invest” in Author Advances or purchase the rights to an author’s book. However, we do invest in our authors and work closely with them to help make a giant leap toward achieving their personal and professional literary goals.
  • We invest hundreds of hours of professional services each year into our relationships with our authors as a business strategy. We estimate that, on average, we invest around $4,700 of production and marketing services per engagement to ensure that we professionally publish each title consistent with the book’s full literary and market potential.
  • We know that the full cost of trade publishing and its inherent quality, attention to detail and marketing expertise is financially out of reach for most aspiring authors. Yet, most serious writers and authors are looking for more than a “book production house” and a “self-published” book.
  • We carefully chose the authors we publish and represent. Our business focus is on building the RICHER Press brand … a brand that represents a “consistency of quality” & “crispness of message” that our readers have come to expect and a brand that our company and our authors will find beneficial for years to come.
  • With our high-quality book production standards, global distribution capability, reliable author royalty management system and personalized marketing support, we have earned the trust of our authors and their readers. It is this trusted relationship and a common spirit for sharing unique experiences and life changing perspectives that will continue to propel our mutual success.

Because of our commitment to this level of service, we unfortunately can only work with a limited number of authors and titles per year. However, very few authors leave RICHER Press once they have become a part of the RICHER author family.

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