The Great Mystery Awaits Us All

Every month brings something new in both our professional and personal lives. It could be a new job, a new level of responsibility or a new friend.

The first day of this month brought the news that a dear associate and friend has completed her life’s journey and entered into what she so affectionately called in her only published novel “the great mystery”.

I first met Ann in 2014 when her daughter, Stacey Kramer, introduced us. Therefore, I missed being a part of the vast majority of her life. It was a vibrant life, which included a loving husband and family, becoming one of the first women in the Chicago area to lead a commercial real firm when she founded Ann Anovitz Associates in 1982, and an active retirement, which included volunteering and working on her art.

However, between 2014 and her passing, both I and the entire RICHER Press Publishing and Author team were blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Ann and admire her energy and love of life.

During that period, Ann published four (4) beautifully written and illustrated children’s books. The unique books included both English and Spanish text designed to help young minds explore the wonders of the Sonoran desert. They also helped them learn the importance of being a “good person” in all aspects of their lives.

Ann also worked diligently on and published a young adult novel titled “Charlie’s Tale: The Great Mystery”. The book takes her readers on a “probable” after life journey to discover how the legacy of our lives on earth may affect the lives of the family members we leave behind…and affect society as a whole.

We all will miss Ann. However, I am sure that everyone she touched will benefit from her legacy.

There is one thing that being around her, for even a short time, taught me and continues to drive my actions and attitude every day. That is, I always keep in mind that, without doubt (every day, every month and every year) will bring something new…and it is how I embrace the “newness” that will determine the impact it will have on my life.

Ann, since it has been only about 20 days since you have passed over, I know that you are at this point deeply involved in your after life journey. Here is to your success in finally solving “The Great Mystery”.

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