T. K. Lynn’s New Book

K. Lynn Knocks the Ball Out of the Park with New Book

The Little Book of Big League Dreams Appears to Hit the Mark

Scottsdale resident and screenwriter, T. K. Lynn, knocks the ball out of the park with a book everyone involved in little league sports has been waiting for. The Little Book of Big League Dreams: A Handbook For the Game of Baseball & For the Game of Life is full of baseball fundamentals and inspiration for players, parents and coaches.

The small but hearty handbook explodes with a collection of cultivated, curated, and considered information that takes a unique look as some of the fundamentals of baseball and at some corresponding fundamentals of life.

Every parent with a child in tee-ball to club ball will enjoy sharing this information with his or her player. Each player will find at least a nugget to fortify his or her game plan. In addition, coaches will glean insight to inspire the best of their players, individually and as a team. The topics include Understanding the Game, Player Positions and the Field of Play; Taking Responsibility; Managing Your Emotions; Following Directions; Being Coachable; Winning & Losing; and Making Fear Your Friend.

This 256-page book is overflowing with position-by-position roles and descriptions; game terminology and definitions; and game equipment use & care suggestions. It contains dozens of game-related illustrations, tips for young players, tips for parents, tips for coaches, tips on physical fitness and comparisons for “baseball and life” success. Throughout the book, the reader’s interest is stimulated by a special collection of over 160 inspiring quotes from professional baseball players and some of life’s greatest role models.

Whether you play the game, coach the game, or are a fan of the game, by reading this book and keeping it close as a reference and an inspiration guide, you will gain a perspective that will enrich your enjoyment—of the game and in your life.

According to the publisher, the paperback version of the book will be released globally on March 24, 2017 and will be available soon after wherever quality books are sold.


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