Pillow Talk Consciousness

Pillow Talk Consciousness: Intimate Reflections on America’s 100 Most Interesting Thoughts and Suspicions Ignites Discussion and Applause
Self-Help and Education writers, Ervin (Earl) Cobb and Dr.Charlotte Grant-Cobb recently announced plans to kick-off  a second book tour which will feature an updated version of their highly acclaimed book, Pillow Talk Consciousness.
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PILLOW TALK CONSCIOUSNESS: INTIMATE REFLECTIONS ON AMERICA’S 100 MOST INTERESTING THOUGHTS AND SUSPICIONS is a unique essay on America, its social & political challenges and the power of human consciousness.


This book cleverly illustrates how our birthplace and the level of consciousness we obtain during our lives, eventually frame how we see ourselves, how we see others and how we see our world.

It does this through a thoughtful collection of 100 entertaining, informative and provocative dialogues. Each dialogue is written to reflect commonly held thoughts and suspicions on topics that frame the lives and the conversations of average Americans in the 21st century. All are written with a candor that is expressed by the majority of Americans only in the safety and privacy of their own home, with a trusted partner and wrapped in a momentarily abnormal level of human consciousness.

The topics range from education to family values; from war to politics and from music to motherhood.