RICHER Press Author’s Nationally-Known Dog Reaches Milestone Caring for Kittens

9780986354434 frontcover photoPHOENIX, ARIZONA– Boots “The Kitten Nanny” has reached a milestone by taking care of his 350th tiny feline at home and then surpassing that number. The 14-year-old Golden Retriever and chow mix and his owner foster rescue kittens to help them become more adoptable by socializing them and exposing them to new experiences. Boots has also been volunteering at an Arizona shelter for several years and has helped countless other kittens there.
Boots gained national attention when he began volunteering and helping care for the kittens in the shelter’s kitten nursery about once a week. The adorable story is even more touching given the fact that Boots was rescued from the Hurricane Katrina floodwaters in 2005.

Boots was found standing in about 10-inches of contaminated water in New Orleans and was in bad shape. He was rescued by an Arizona shelter worker, taken to Phoenix and nursed back to health. Shelter volunteer Susan J. Juergensen fell in love with Boots while helping care for him and decided to adopt him. Boots now pays that kindness forward by helping the kittens prepare for homes that may have dogs.

Illustration3_98“I’m often asked if I trained Boots how to behave around kittens,” said Juergensen. “I always look at him and smile and say he came to me this way. Compassion is a trait we share.”

Boots’ story is also the focus of a book for school-age children written by Juergensen. The paperback “Boots: Hurricane Katrina Survivor and Kitten Nanny” is available on Amazon and the Barnes & Noble website.

Telena Eldridge with Noblesville, Indiana-based Woofs and Books says the organization uses copies of “Boots: Hurricane Katrina Survivor and Kitten Nanny” in schools. The organization takes dogs into Central Indiana schools and libraries and helps children improve their literacy skills by having them read stories to the canines.

“I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this book and how perfect it is for our program,” Eldridge said. “It covers everything we stand for and want to educate kids about: rescue, spay-neuter importance, responsible pet ownership and, most importantly, compassion.”

When he’s not fostering kittens at the shelter or at home, Boots visits school children around the country to teach them about compassion, kindness and resilience.

Juergensen is currently hard at work on another book about Boots for adults.


Boots “The Kitten Nanny” has an inspiring story of survival during Hurricane Katrina and helps pay his rescue forward by acting as a nanny to rescue kittens in Phoenix, Arizona. You can follow Boots and his adventures on Facebook.


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