Mother and Daughter Team Joins RICHER Press and Publishes Fourth Book

A Shark! Named Jamison Exceeds All Expectations

Many of the researchers from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy believe that the great white shark that washed up on a Chatham beach during the summer of 2015, and was tagged and named “Jamison,” may have pulled through after his unexpected ordeal. The story, the rescue and the amazing community teamwork to ensure that Jamison’s adventure ended with shark’s survival is still being admired around the world.

In the new book, A Shark! Named Jamison, Consie and Nina Berghausen take on the challenge of creating a version of Jamison’s adventure written for the age level of 5-12 (K-6). Their year-long effort to perfect both the text and illustrations of a colorful, fully illustrated book seems to have paid off.

As the author, Consie gives the young readers an opportunity to go inside the mind of “Jamison” and imagine how a juvenile white shark could find himself in such a position. In the thirty-eight page book, she challenges the young reader to imagine what Jamison must have been thinking as he was the center of attention in the waters and on a beach in beautiful Cape Cod. Her distinctive sense of rhyme and her gentle treatment of a harrowing ordeal skillfully allow young readers to enjoy the suspense of a good story “gone badly” and then “good again.”

Nina’s ascending brilliance as an illustrator and artist is displayed on every page of the book. The way she is able to seamlessly choreograph her mother’s sense of rhyme within the true, natural colors and unbelievable beauty of the waters and beaches of Cape Cod is quite captivating.

At the front of the book, parents will find a “Parents Corner” page with some tantalizing facts about sharks to share with the youngest readers and prepare them for Jamison’s amazing adventure.

By all accounts, the mother and daughter team also display amazing teamwork in their new book and has exceeded all expectations.

A Shark! Named Jamison can be found at, Barnes and and wherever quality books are sold.   The book is available in both a premium paperback and a premium table top hardback. It can also be found in Amazon’s Kindle Store as an eBook.

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