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Life Enrichment, Philanthropic and Economic Empowerment   SINCE 2008


MANASPIRITS is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Since 2008, their sole mission has been to strengthen the ability of individuals to contribute to their families and their communities by supporting directly and collaboratively life enrichment, philanthropic and economic empowerment activities.


MANASPIRITS’ vision is to become widely recognized for delivering timely and effective non-profit support to individuals and organizations whose services positively and significantly impact the social and economic health of communities. We believe that “stronger” communities enrich individual lives and the quality of life for all.


MANASPIRITS’ Neighbors Helping Neighbors Project is an ongoing program which responds to the needs of local communities on an as-required basis.      The project is designed to collaborate with local businesses and other community groups to provide the leadership and administrative infrastructure required to equip and empower neighbors to help neighbors address unfulfilled community needs. Here is an example of one of our most recent projects.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ Project  Clean Heart a Huge Success

The MANASPIRITS’ Neighbors Helping Neighbors Project recently combined efforts with the Sisterhood of Superwomen to contribute approximately $800.00 of natural cleaning supplies to Native American Connection-Stepping Stone Place. Stepping Stone Place is a permanent supportive housing program that provides case management services for homeless persons and others.

For less than $20 per person, our organizations contributed about 790 ounces of lemon juice, 2764 ounces of laundry detergent, 87.5 pounds of baking soda, 96 oz of dish detergent, 64 ounces of scouring powder and 1590 ounces of vinegar, That’s a lot of clean!

A Unique Community-Based Literary Event

The Harvest Book Reading is an annual community-based literary event and is free to the public. The event was established by Manaspirits, an Arizona 501(c) (3) non-profit,  and local life enrichment partners with the intent of helping to feed the hungry while feeding our community’s literary passion.

Harvest Book Reading Purpose

The Harvest Book Reading’s sole purpose is to showcase the most worthy published authors and their literary work along with helping to provide meals during the holiday season to families in our communities who are in need.

The event’s  purpose is rooted in  local literature (the art of written work) and the literary curiosity of the community in which the work resides. Just as a “harvest” gathers mature crops from the fields, The Harvest Book Reading annually gathers some of the most praiseworthy and caring authors in our community to share their works and broaden the literary prospective of others while helping to feed those in our community who are in need.

Harvest Book Reading Focus And Design

The Harvest Book Reading is modeled after traditional east coast book readings and public literary events. The event focuses its Readings on themes that are pertinent to the local communities. The goal of the day is to have the program attendees leave with an enduring bond with the authors and their messages while helping neighbors in need.


Manaspirits is a A 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization

Thank You.

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