Kristi Grimm Publishes First Book of Series Aimed at Teenagers and “Tweeners”

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Since publishing her fourth book in the Mommy Tell Me a Story children’s educational book series, Kristi Grimm has surprised even herself by quickly completing and publishing of her first book in what she plans to be a series of fictional literature in the Mythology & Folk Tales genre.

Her first book in the Mitty’s Gamen series is titled, How it Began and was released on June 1, 2016. The 206 page paperback is published by A Book’s Mind.

Mitty’s Gamen: How it Began is described by readers as “a suspenseful, adventurous story” and a book where “the characters show a lot of imagination and the storyline is very creative.” Unlike her Mommy Tell Me a Story series which is written for young children, Kristi’s new series is targeted at young teenagers and older children called “Tweeners.”  The “tween” years technically occur between the ages of 10 and 12. Her husband, Dave Grimm, provides the amazing illustrations for both series of books.

The Mitty’s Gamen: How it Began book cover sets the stage for the young readers as follows:

“At fourteen, Mitty is ready to fulfill her dream of going to the Academy with her best friend Dakan to become a Kree Protector. But they cannot go to the Academy until they find their gamen eggs and establish a bond with them. Come follow Mitty, her brother, Boboc, and sister, Zeeta, with Dakan as they embark on an amazing adventure only to discover a secret danger that will change the course of history for the Kree Valley forever.”

According to Kristi, “I’ve always enjoyed writing, but the irony is that reading was difficult for me as a child. Because I struggled with dyslexia and ADD my mother used to read to my brother and myself to help whittle away hot Arizona summer afternoons. This helped cultivate my deep love of storytelling. Then a surprising turn of events came when I had a horseback riding accident that left me paralyzed at fifteen. By God’s grace, I went on to graduate from Biola University, meet my husband and become a mother. With my, love of stories, my background in education, and my husband’s artistic talents the stage was perfectly set for me to write my first children’s book in 2012. I now have 5 books that are part of my Mommy, Tell Me a Story…series and am so excited to add the Mitty’s Gamen series to my growing list.”

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