From Sharks to Seals

It’s all About Respecting Differences

Mother and Daughter Team Creates Another Mystical Experience for Children

Anyone who has been close to the process, knows that writing quality children’s literature requires both a work of art and an unusual level of human consciousness. After all, children are just little people.

The work of art involves being able to choose brilliant words and rhymes, being creative enough to craft just the perfect illustrations, being clever enough to invent magical plots and being confident enough to trust that the end-product will pass the test of adults and children alike. The sum of which creates a challenge, which can be daunting. Occasionally, it’s a once in a lifetime achievement obtained by a few, lucky children’s book authors. However, achieving this level of success on a routine basis, seems to require an unusual level of human consciousness. That is to say, a consciousness tied closely to a mixture of faith, maturity, mindfulness, compassion and purpose, which transcends self-doubt and willingly draws upon the brilliance of others.

Consie Berghausen is a children’s book author who is no stranger to writing quality children’s literature.

Consie is also not a stranger to the inhabitants of Tucson, Arizona and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the places where she calls home and evenly splits her time. Consie teams with her two daughters, Chloe and Nina, who she lovingly draws in to fulfill the challenging roles of co-author and illustrator, respectively. The team’s work embellishes the ubiquity of Mother Nature and the wonders of her wildlife. Their reasonably rhythmed and unapologetically colorful books are written and designed to entertain, energize and help educate young children as young as two and as old as eight years of age.

In an April 2018 radio interview, Consie provided some insight into her level of human consciousness. She was asked , “Since the world we now live in is looking for answers to so many questions, what questions are you targeting with your children’s literature”.  Her response was, How can we appreciate the differences that we have with our animals who are all around us? How can we respect each other? How can we live on this earth together? And the even bigger picture is…how do we do that with people?”

After recently publishing two highly sort after children’s books about a legendary shark who periodically makes Cape Cod his home [A Shark! Named Jamison and Jamison! A Shark Returns], Consie will return to her Cape Cod area home this summer with a sixth published book. It is a 38-page, brilliantly color-illustrated, paperback and hardcover book titled, Mermaid Seal: A Selkie Tale.

Consie’s new book will be globally released on May 17, 2021 —  just in time for the summer fun and to add a “lighter side” to the local debate over “Sharks or Seals”. Mermaid Seal: A Selkie Tale brings a suspenseful twist on the classic Celtic Mythology to the beautiful town of Chatham, MA. As a curious Selkie Seal and a local boy who she befriends, unveil their unforgettable summer adventure, the readers of all ages will begin to grasp the story’s sobering significance…“It’s all about respecting differences”. These contrasting differences only reveal and illuminate the many miracles of Mother Nature.

Team Berghausen has again blended their amazing work of art with a rare level of literary consciousness that will undoubtedly be a treat for many young children, and their families, this summer.

Mermaid Seal: A Selkie Tale will be available at local bookstores, gift shops and online at, Barnes & and everywhere quality books are sold on May 17, 2021

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