Debbie Zoub, MSW


Debbie Zoub Hopes that Her Book will Become a Welcomed Guide to Those Still Living in Abuse as well as a Source for Clinical Professions Seeking Fresh Insights into How to Help Clients Move Beyond Psychological and Verbal Abuse.

Debbie Zoub, MSW has spent much of her life searching for answers. She has spent many years writing a unique, entertaining and educational manuscript detailing some troublesome aspects of her life. More importantly, she has creatively documented the process by which she has successfully managed to free herself from a life of psychological and verbal abuse. Debbie is now hopeful that her new book titled “Stands With Fists” will be read by many who are simply interested in learning more about this intriguing topic and will become a welcomed guide by those still living in psychological and/or verbal abuse.

In her new book, Debbie skillfully provides people living in or recovering from abuse who want to heal and live a life free of abuse an insightful and valuable guide. Using her personal journey and professional knowledge, the reader will understand that they are not alone. Her book gives a voice and language to abuse and provides a guide for the reader to move out of and away from abuse. It also helps those that stay understand the reasons why.

For clinical professionals, she provides a unique and powerful source for them to help their clients move beyond psychological and verbal abuse. In her words, “It is with the utmost respect for anyone working in the field of abuse and neglect, like myself, that I offer Stands With Fist. Let us start the conversation as to how we, as professionals, can make the changes necessary so that we have a better ability to understand and help those living in abuse.”

“Stands With Fists: Moving Beyond Psychological and Verbal Abuse” is expected to be released on December 20, 2013. The book will be available on, Barnes and and anywhere books are sold. The book will also be distributed internationally to over 71,000 retail website, bookstore and library locations that are a part of the RICHER Press distribution channel.

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