Consie Berghausen Does it Again

Jamison! A Shark Returns Hits the Mark and Leaves the Readers Wanting More

After the juvenile great white shark, which was named Jamison, became stranded on the sands of a Chatham, Massachusetts beach in July 2015 there was great anticipation about “what was next”.

What came next was a successful community effort that revived, tagged and safely returned “Jamison” back out to sea, researchers confirming the shark’s return to the area in June 2016 and a wonderfully written and illustrated children’s book by a Chatham resident in 2017 titled, “A Shark! Named Jamison.” The book is written for young children and chronicles Jamison’s adventure in a fashion that allows the young and old alike to reminisce and ponder such a unique happening.

After a delightful reception last summer and the remarkable success of the book, Consie Berghausen will return to the Cape Cod area this summer with an amazingly well-written and intriguing sequel titled, “Jamison! A Shark Returns.”

Just as the Chatham community asked “what’s next?” following the shark’s actual “beaching”, reading the captivating story of Jamison’s return to their children will leave parents asking how they can to get their hands on more stories involving Jamison and his whimsical adventures.

In a compelling 42 pages, Consie and her daughter, Nina, have again combined their talents of melodic rhyming and watercolor mastery to create a children’s book that stimulates a child’s mind while providing an enjoyable reading experience.

In “Jamison! A Shark Returns,” Consie expands Jamison’s curiosity and gullible capers by including the antics a Minke whale and a seagull who accompany Jamison on his return trip. Jamison’s new adventure encompasses an insightful story of seeking friendship, surviving danger and valuing the strengths and differences of others. The breath taking illustrations will ignite a child’s imagination as the threesome make their way north through the beautiful and majestically deep waters just off the coast of Cape Cod. As a sequel to the first book, “Jamison! A Shark Returns” hits the mark and will leave readers wanting more.

“Jamison! A Shark Returns” is Berghausen’s fifth published book, all illustrated by her daughter, Nina. Consie splits her time between the family homes in Chatham, Massachusetts and Tucson, Arizona. Nina is a graphic design artist and lives in California.

The new book was published in April 2018 and has now been released globally in eBook, Paperback and Hardcover formats. “Jamison! A Shark Returns” and all of Berghausen’s books are available at, Barnes and and wherever books are sold.

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