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A Principle is a fundamental truth, concept or value that serves as a guide for behavior or evaluation. THE SMART LEADER builds upon a carefully chosen collection of what are known as “Skinny” Principles.

 The “Skinny” Principles are crafted to cut to the chase and  to simplify the hard-core realities and consequences often embedded in the art of successfully leading and winning within 21st century organizational structures.

In ten short chapters, this unique and groundbreaking  book presents a powerful chain of reasoning that has unquestionably guided leaders within all types of public and private organizations to phenomenal personal and professional success.  You are skillfully provided the What, Why, How and When associated with specific actions you can take to immediately address shortcomings and increase your leadership influence throughout your organization.

The goal is not to just become a more effective leader…but to always be in the position to lead and win.

Everyone can lead and win within any organization if they dedicate the time and effort required to understand and master the ten “Skinny” Principles set forth in this book.  All of the Principles are closely connected to organizational success, intelligently leading others within organizations and consistently achieving organizational goals. 

These Principles are deeply anchored in years of academic study and the real-world experiences of thousands of very successful leaders within organizations of all types and sizes. The “skinny truth” is that becoming a SMART Leader doesn’t require special talents, advance degrees or years of leadership experience.

However, it does require you, as a leader, to possess some key qualities or attributes. These attributes are both psychologically and intuitively inherent to being what we call SMART or Studious, Masterful, Articulate, Resourceful and Trustworthy. We believe that these are the five personal attributes that set Leaders apart from Managers.

You will discover that the book’s concise yet meaningfully discussions build both a contextual and convincing case for each of the ten “Skinny” Principles in an easy-to-read, example-filled and comprehensible presentation.

You will want to keep a copy of this book with you to be reminded of what it takes to “cut to the chase” and consistently lead and win.

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