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A Principle is a fundamental truth, concept or value that serves as a guide for behavior or evaluation.

THE SMART LEADER builds upon a carefully chosen collection of what are known as “Skinny” Principles.

 The “Skinny” Principles are crafted to cut to the chase and to simplify the hard-core realities and challenges that are often embedded in the art of successfully leading and Winning within 21st century organizational structures.

In ten short chapters − through compelling situational narratives and candid discussions − this innovative and entertaining book presents a unique and powerful chain of reasoning that has unquestionably guided leaders within all types and sizes of public and private organizations to phenomenal personal and professional success.

You are skillfully walked through the What, Why, How and When associated with the actions you can take to address leadership shortcomings. The book also includes some helpful Guides and Exercises to support deeper dives into the suggested actions.

 THE SMART LEADER presents a strong and evidence-based case that almost anyone can lead and win within any organization − if they dedicate the time and focused effort   required to truly understand and to master the “Skinny” Principles as they are set forth within the pages of this book.

All of the “Skinny” Principles are specifically linked to organizational success; intelligently leading teams and others; and consistently achieving challenging organizational goals. Each Principle is deeply anchored in years of academic study and the real-world wisdom of thousands of very successful leaders within organizations of all sizes and types, including for-profit, non-profit, civic or governmental.

The “Skinny” Truth is that for good managers and supervisors to become SMART Leaders, it doesn’t require special talents, advance degrees or years of leadership experience.  However, it does require you, as a leader, to always be Studious, Masterful, Articulate, Resourceful and Trustworthy − the personal attributes that set Leaders apart from Managers.

THE SMART LEADER utilizes a technique for learning and retention called Narrative    Enhanced Leadership Development − which works because, as humans, we are all wired to allow good stories to help us walk in someone else’s shoes and actually gain the experience.

By combining the knowledge of other’s experiences, with a masterful grasp of all ten “Skinny” Principles, you will be on your way to becoming a SMART Leader.

Becoming Unconsciously Competent


 Earl and Charlotte

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