A Well-Written Children’s Book is a Beautiful Thing

Arizona Author Continues to Tell Compelling Stories with Strong Characters, Mind-expanding Illustrations and Joyful Learning



Ann Anovitz seems to know exactly what parents are looking for in a children’s book. The retired business executive and grandmother is a Docent at Tohono Chul Park in Tucson, Arizona. Over the years, she has made up stories about the people, animals and plants of the Sonoran Desert to tell to children and grown-ups who visit the park. Anovitz recently published a new, beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated book titled “The Medicine Bush.”

“The Medicine Bush” is the fourth book in her Grandma Annie’s Stories From The Garden™ children’s book series. The series is comprised of a collection of colorful and fully illustrated bilingual books for young boys and girls from ages 5 through 10. The other books in the series include, “Cowboy Jose and Pinteroo”, “Wigga Poo’s Soccer Team” and “The Little Cloud.” Anovitz’s books are unique in that they provide fun, adventurous and educational reading experiences for both English and Spanish speaking children.

Anovitz is nationally recognized for her distinctive approach to telling a compelling story, building strong characters and exposing young children to the sense of adventure. In “The Medicine Bush”, she has crafted a fast moving story which takes a Prince across many countries from France to Russia to China to reach the United States in the search for a bush located in the Arizona Sonoran desert, known for its healing properties. With a simple 180-degree flip, parents and their children can move from the English to the Spanish version. This presents a special and fun learning experience in multiple dimensions.

The book features magnificent scenes of the local landscape and characters encountered by the Prince during his brief but adventure-packed journey. The Prince is joined on his journey by characters familiar to the series readers including Cardinal, Mrs. Rabbit and Mr. Coyote. This beautifully illustrated, 8.5″ x 11″, 62 page, full-color book is designed to allow young children to use their imagination and enjoy the places that reading can take them. The book includes a “Spy Me” page as well as coloring pages to engage both the child and the parent in fun-filled learning.

Dave Grimm continues as the illustrator for the children’s book series. Dave lives in Gilbert, Arizona. Dave is nationally recognized work includes the Mommy, Tell me a Story™ children’s book series and a new children’s book co-authored by his wife, Kristi Grimm, and Celebrity Chef and Global Diabetes Advocate, Charles Mattocks, titled “Diabetes and Healthy Eating.”

All of Grandma Annie’s Stories From The Garden™ books are available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and anywhere quality books are found.


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