How to Live A Richer Life

Earlier this year while reviewing my schedule for the remainder of the year, I noticed an interview on my calendar as a guest on the Conscious PIVOT Podcast (See the actual interview here)

The Podcast is hosted by Adam Markel, best-selling author of “PIVOT: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life” and the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller and a USA Today Bestseller, “Soul Over Matter.” Adam is a recognized expert in professional & personal reinvention and a highly sought-after public speaker, transformational leader and business mentor.

As I began to ponder the upcoming interview with Adam and his extraordinary work, vivid memories of a transformative journey my wife and I made a few years ago came to mind.

The journey involved both of us reflecting upon the many times we have “pivoted” and “re-invented” ourselves and our careers during more than three decades of marriage and life together. The unexpected and surprising length of this intellectual journey give rise to a healthy manuscript and the eventual publishing of our first book together titled, “Living a Richer Life: Getting the Most out of Life’s Gifts and Circumstances.”

“Living a Richer Life” was first published in 2010. Over the years, most readers have quickly grasped the message embedded in the title and found it less of a mystery and more of an opportunity to learn how to master the art of finding more happiness in their lives.

During our journey of self-enlightenment, we discovered and coined our own definition of living a “Richer Life.” In the book, we define a “Richer Life” as not a life filled with monetary wealth but “a life full of good decisionsfinancial securitygreat relationshipsloving family memories and a feeling of completeness.” We called these the five essential elements of a happy life.

In our literary research and personal reflections, we determined that each of these five elements contributes equally to our ability to live a truly “richer” life. Based on the daily demands and rapidly changing challenges of life thus far in the 21st century and recent surveys, most people do agree that financial security is important, but happiness and not money is the ultimate currency in life.

However, for me, like most working people and entrepreneurs today, staying “on-track” and even getting close to mastering fulfillment in all five elements is quite the challenge.

I have found that the “key” lies in our capacity to increase our mindfulness and expand our curiosity in order to create ways and opportunities to make the appropriate adjustments in both our professional and personal lives. Most of the time (as determined by Adam Markel in his work) making small adjustments or “pivots” can reap significant rewards.

I have included below a copy of a little “mind-juggler” or “mindfulness exercise” that I have devised to help me stay on-track and to “master” the art of reaping all of the “richness” that my life has to offer.

Even at this stage of my career and life, I still diligently find a quiet place to sit down and reflect on each of the 15 questions at least once a month. The goal is to be honest with myself and to consciously strive toward making the required adjustments or “pivots” in my monthly activities to reach maximum fulfillment in all five elements.